10 Best XML Editors in 2021

Best XML Editors

Today we are going to talk about the best XML Editors in 2021. The full form of XML is Extensible Markup Language.

XML is used for storing and transferring complex data. Hence it is helpful for many organizations and applications. XML can be used for different contexts other than the web. XML makes it super easy to handle, transfer, store data. XML is widely used in many web applications because it is super flexible to work with.

Hence we should know about some apps that make XML even more easy-to-use. The apps given below will increase your efficiency with XML. So you don’t want to miss it and hence check them out below. So keep reading ahead best XML Editors in 2021 for all information.

10 Best XML Editors in 2021

1. Oxygen

Oxygen is one of the best XML editors in 2021. This XML editor is developed in Java and also comes with many advantages. So let’s begin by knowing about the advantages of using an Oxygen XML editor.

  • It is used for validating against the schemes like RELAX NG, Schematron, NRL, DTD, W3C XML Schema, and NVDL.
  • It also helps you in checking for proper and correct XML form.
  • This XML editor comes with three views. Firstly text view – It is actually the default view for editing the XML documents.
  • Grid View – It turns your documents into spreadsheet type. Talking about the Grid view, you will notice at the left column all the elements, comments. The processing Elements will be at the root level. In the next column, you will see the attributes of root elements with the unique first child of the root XML document.
  • Author view – It is a super human-friendly view with all XML nesting. Talking about author views, it provides you the view of “What You See is What You Mean”.

2. Liquid Studio

Liquid Studio is also an excellent XML Editor. It is a Windows-based editor. It comes with a user interface extension to Microsoft visual studio through the VSIP ( Visual Studio Industry Program). Liquid Studio is an XML data binding toolkit. Talking about features, it has a Graphical Jason schema Editor, Graphical XML Schema Editor, and DTD editor.

3. Stylus Studio

This XML Editor comes with many tools. It is written in the language of C++. Talking about Stylus Studio, it comes with three XML editing views. The name of these three views are Text view, tree view, and grid view, respectively.

  • Text view – In this type of view, you can do code folding, syntax coloring, schema driven autocomplete, and code sense.
  • Tree view – Talking about tree view, you can easily do XML DTD ( document type definition) and XML schema. The other benefit of working in the tree view is that you can easily edit complex and big XML files.
  • Grid view – It gives you a spreadsheet-type interface to work with. Hence it increases your efficiency and convenience. All your needs are covered with a grid view.

4. Komodo

It is a free XML editor. It supports multiple code editors such as python, Ruby, Javascript, and many more. It also has a paid komodo version. Talking about features, it includes unit testing, integration to GitHub and BitBucket, etc. Komodo comes with database explorer, code browsing, database editor, Git support, etc. You can also set bookmarks and undo the changes with the track change option.

5. Kate

It is a super-advanced XML Editor with many features. So let’s know about Kate’s details. It is loaded with syntax highlighting for more than 300 file formats. You also get code folding rules with it. It also has multiple document interfaces.

Hence you can easily customize this XML Editor for multiple different projects. Kate also has many plugins for XML with different perks. XML completion plugin will help you to check the XML file for file DTD properly. Now XML validation plugin will help you to check the files for any errors. Hence undoubtedly, Kate is loaded with many features.

6. NotePad++

It is a source code editor. Talking about Notepad ++ features, it has code folding, syntax highlighting, syntax checking, and many more. Notepad also supports more than 140 compatible plugins. You can also do internalization with XML files in an application-specific format.

So XML tools plugins are actually given with Notepad ++ so they can work with XML files. So you need to locate the plugins, then go to plugin admin, and finally, search for XML tools. Now you can easily install the plugins. So now, you can easily do XML, DTD validation, and XSD. Hence syntax and format get checked with convenience.

7. Adobe FrameMaker

This XML Editor is introduced by Adobe. This can also be used as a PDF editor. It is as simple as changing XML content into DITA content. Hence it is super easy to work with Adobe FrameMaker. It is totally suitable for beginners.

It can be called a wonderful tool for DITA and XML. There are key shortcuts for DITA. Professionals and as well as beginners will find this XML Editor satisfying. Adobe FrameMaker comes with CSS3, embedding YouTube videos, markdown, etc.

8. ExtendsClass

It is a wonderful editor for developers. It comes with many advantages. Comparisons allow you to understand everything. It actually checks that everything is in the proper way or not. You can easily compare different things in ExtendsClass. It allows you to do semantic comparisons.

You get direct tools in ExtendsClass that you can directly use in the browser. Hence you can easily compare multiple XML nodes. It also helps you to format the XML stings, and hence semantic differences are visible.

9. Editix

Editix is a wonderful XML Editor with lots of features. You can easily make schema with an XML document with the W3C schema editor. You can also get a professional license with Editix ranging from $119. You can also apply for an academic license in case of being a student. It starts at $39.

Now coming to Editix features, it is loaded with Debugger, grid editor, visual schema editor, XSLT Editor, XQuery editor, and many more.

10. XMLSpy

It is made by Altova. It has many features for developers. It is loaded with Eclipse Integration and visual studio. You can also use XMLspy for taking XML charts out of XML data. You can use XMLSpy for checking any errors or omissions. The advantage of using this XML Editor is that it can easily detect any error and even corrects it after your selection.

So it is super handy and increases your efficiency with XML files. XMLSpy also has a debugger, validator, XPath builder, and evaluator. This XML Editor has received a lot of positive reviews from users. XML grid makes your editing super powerful and convenient.

In simple words, your complex work with XML is converted into a super simple, easy way with lots of tools to work with. It is even easy to resolve all the troubleshooting that sometimes we face in the editing.


There are lots of XML editors in the market with different features. Working with XML files can be fun with the right XML Editor. We know very well that different XML editors serve different purposes. So try to read the best XML Editors carefully in 2021 given above.

The above XML Editors will surely help you with working with XML files in a fun way. Hence it becomes important to know about different XML Editors for choosing your favorite editor. We should choose our XML Editor based on our needs and purpose.

So try to know about the XML Editors given above and then select the right XML Editor for you. I hope this article helps in knowing and choosing your favorite XML Editor easily.