6 Best Free Windows 10 Repair Tools

Best Free Windows 10 Repair Tools

If you’re running into system problems or rogue settings, you should use these free Windows 10 repair tools to fix your PC.

While we work on our pc or laptop or let’s say any device that causes havoc when it comes to the system we feel like leaving every bit of it then and there. It causes us to piss off to an extent where we might not gain the morale to work again then. But in this world of technological advancements and machine learning our scientists and tech experts are ever ready to provide us with various solutions to our problems. We must be always thankful to these tech experts who with their fantastic intellect have been working day and night to contribute to the well-being of technology and minimize technical complexities. We cannot be less thankful in any way.

So today we will be talking about some free windows repair tools that you could posthumously use to get out of the system problems that your device may face all of sudden. The solution would help you to release your stress and excite you to an extent wherein you will enjoy knowing the various solutions to just one of your problems. But before mentioning these free windows services here is a note below you need to take a glimpse of and then we may proceed further.

Your PC should be updated

You are free and exposed to the free windows service to correct the wrongdoings of your system, but before this, what you need to focus your eye upon is the updation of your system that has run out of technical well being. Before installing the system it is your job to check whether your system is updated or not, and if not kindly update it. However, it might not always be the case that would only help you to solve your issue, besides these, you also should check the list of best computer security and antivirus tools.

Here is the List of Best Free Windows 10 Repair Tools

  1. IOBit Driver Booster
  2. FixWin 10
  3. Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4
  4. Windows repair
  5. Missed Features Installer
  6. O & 0 Shutup 10

Here is a brief description of each of them:

1. IOBit Driver Booster

Windows 10 is known for handling driver updates, but you might not be acquainted with the fact that sometimes it may miss out on some driver updates, for that purpose, IOBit has been designed. It facilitates automatic shutdown and is also known to be creating a system restore point. It does this, before the updation of your drivers. It also is known for facilitating automatic reboot after the installation of the driver has been done. Once it is download and installed you could resume your work without any reluctance.

2. FixWin 10

The best part about it is, it can be used to repair multiple systems operating issues, such as the portability of this windows repair tool. We may name it to be a multitasker. Each problem here is well defined and the solution is too well designed as you would notice when your system is automatically repaired. It is divided into sections and here each section is known to have contained at least 10 fixes. When you will click the fix button you will know that some of the sections require a reboot. There is also an additional fixes section that contains new but useful tweaks.

3. Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4

It is somewhat similar to FixWin in terms of the developer. It is evident from the fact as the interface of both of them is easy to use. The function of it is to enable you, disable, remove, or hide specific features from windows. It differs in this aspect from FixWin that enables you to address windows 10 issues and lets you fix them. You can also make changes in the list in the very program using the app of windows 10 setting.

4. Windows Repair

It again is multitasking or multifaceted whatever you name it according to your supposed convenience. It has known to have solved and is solving various issues of windows 10. It has also set its benchmark in strongly suggesting the running of tools in the safe mode for maximum effect if you wish to see the changes. It automatically and fortunately has a Reboot to Safe Mode button for a very quick reboot. So you may easily click on it as half of your stress is reduced. It is known to solve registry permission problems, file permission problems, windows firewall settings problems, Winsock and DNS cache fixes, windows update issues, and may more as it is a multifaceted problem solver.

5. Missed Features Installer

We know that despite the defects being thoroughly occupied in windows 10, many people adore it and love using it so there is no alternative to let the problems persist without any solution. We have known that when Microsoft jumped from windows 8.1 to windows 10 not everyone was happy but still we had no option rather than going with the flow. But today what we are going to tell is gonna blow your mind off. If you still don’t like Windows 10 you can get back to what you loved. and for this, all you need to do is install Missed Features Installer to switch to the classic start menu. You can install classic games from Windows XP, Vista, and 7 with this tool. Is not this amazing?

6. 0 & 0 ShutUp 10

There have always been some privacy issues with windows 10 that even the admirers could not deny, and no doubt it is considered as one of the important issues as your data can be messed up and misused. Although the privacy part has been improved somewhat since 2015 we cannot see much of the change. But the 0 and 0 shutUp is something that will help you out in terms of tracking, telemetry, and data gathering remain a problem. It has 9 sections, there are also various privacy settings. It enables us to turn off the unseen options and not let your data be misplaced.


So these were some of the free or let’s say bet free windows 10 repair tools to fix any problem. Some of them on the list have known to work wonders as they can carry multiple functions at a time but that doesn’t mean others are not that good function badly. It’s just that some of them have strikingly advanced features whereas others don’t have that much. You can use any of them to solve your device-related issues. Hope this article helps.

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