11 Best TorrentKing Alternatives and Similar Sites

TorrentKing Alternatives

We all know that torrenting sites have never been promising. One could not simply rely on these sites. Although they promise access to lots of content such as movies, animes, T.V. shows, adult content, music, albums, videos, and what not but still it is impossible to see them be intact for a longer period. Users easily experience glitches and fail to understand the same. But do not worry we are here to solve your problem. Technology never rests at its pace and thus provides us with a solution to most of our problems. Today we are here to give you a glimpse of TorrentKing alternatives.

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What TorrentKing is?

TorrentKing is a search engine type that has lots of movies and TV. Shows. It holds varieties of content and lets you watch many of them for free. It also has a download option for many others. It is said to hold torrent files as you know by now. You may be aware of the fact that Torrent King can go down easy thus disappointing its users.

You may face the same anytime. It is mostly in use about PirateBay and Kickass Torrent. We will now be talking about some of the alternatives to it. Like if you have been facing the same technical glitch which states “404 not found”, here you go with the best-stated alternatives.

Note: One thing that should not be misinterpreted is, we know about the piracy of such things. The article that would state the alternatives do not promote any illegal content or action.

It is simply for your information and knowledge. In countries like the United States, things such as streaming or downloading are considered illegal. So you should run according to the rules of your country. In either case, you can try any of these.

TorrentKing Alternatives and Similar Sites

  • 1337X:

This torrent site is best used when you are cheated by PirateBay or Kickass Torrent. Something auspicious about it is that it grants access to several Hollywood movies. Besides it does great in series, songs, audios, software, and other torrent content. There is no complexity involved in its use. You may simply go for it.

But one of the things that might irritate you about this is, it shows lots of ads. It’s like another alternative torrent site, in an attempt to take its place and let users know more about it, entertains lots of ads

  • Torrentz2:

It is known to be a metasearch engine. It is alike to Torrentz.eu. You may go for it if Torrentz.eu is out of sight but not out of mind. It is also said to be a clone that simultaneously reflects on the fact that only search engines are being looked for and nothing else.

Using the search bar you could freely look for any of your favorite movies, show, anime, video game, and software. One thing that is to be noted about it is, it does not track your files, which is considered merit in most of the cases.

  • me:

It is popular among TV. Series, manga, anime, software, gaming, and music. Unfortunately, it falls short of attractive UI but still is considered no less. It also uses a lot of ads to advertise itself but that is something acceptable for these alternatives.

The best part about it is you do not require to register yourself anywhere to use this alternative. It is simply free to use and easy too at the same time. It also recommends you use several other pages when it is down and very few of the torrent sites do this.

  • RARBG:

It has different sections for the manga, series, videogames, movies, and music. If you quickly want to download a movie or a series in no time which means at a very high speed then you may blindly go for it. However, we cannot ignore the fact that it goes down now and then.

Though it does not keep on updating frequently but takes care to provide you information about every new upcoming film. It is also said to have much old content or the outdated ones that particularly stresses on its cons. It is also considered to be one of the best alternatives.

  • TorrentProject:

It is also a sech engine that allows you access to several files like anime, movies, software, games, music, songs. It uses verifies torrents. One of the merits of it is, it tracks your file. Yes! You heard it right, it can track your files and thus does so.

If you want to look for your favorite T.V. show or anything of the same similar sort, Just go for it, use the search bar to look for the same and you may get access to your favorite thing.

  • Zooqle:

To use this alternative, you are required to first register on it. After registration, you are also asked to put up a strong security password. So in short, before using it you have to fulfill several formalities to ensure that you completely agree with their terms and conditions.

Although it gives access to series, manga, movies it is best known for T.V. shows. It would allow you to see the game of thrones and other shows. Moreover, you can also use it to download movies of any genre be it suspense romance, fantasy horror. Although it is easy to use, it entertains various ads.

  • am:

It does not necessarily require registration but you may get it done as it exposes you to several new facilities. One of the most exciting things about it is, it offers YIFI movie content despite not working with them. You are allowed to choose movies of any genre you would like to see or download.

Besides, it gives access to various shows, manga, series. It also gives a summary of the movies and does not forget to offer better quality. To emphasize its disadvantage, you would be surprised to know that does not have many to count on except those pop-up ads. Anyways it needs to be promoted so we can sideline this demerit.

It is also a search engine type wherein you will spot a daily update. It also offers high-quality movies. It is active in other entertainment sorts as well like anime, T.V. shows, manga series, video games, music, and many more.

It is considered to be one of the best options when the other sites go down. There are millions of content in it. A very interesting fact is, it has a stable connection but still the aggression of ads makes it stand aside.

  • TorrentRover:

To start with its advantage, it has a desktop site. Now you might be considering the use of this desktop site. Don’t worry we are here to acquaint you with the same. With this desktop site, you can search for many movies, games, anime, manga, shows, music, and so on. Furthermore, it is only on the list to show less or almost no number of ads. But to make it run it has opened several donation pages so that people could donate for its stability. It also provides access to various online content but is still not declared the most stable one.

  • Kat.cr:

Kat.cr is an upgraded version of Kickass Torrents. It is the most popular one after PirateBay. It offers access to books, shows, movies, and animes. But the unfortunate part is in the past several hackers have attempted to shut it down.

To stress on its merits, it shares meta links with the users to enable the users to download content in their way. When it comes to navigation, it is easier and simpler. There are almost fewer or no ads in this. But the site often goes down due to several attempts by hackers and lawsuits.

  • Lime Torrents:

You have to register to use it for more flexible options, otherwise, it is not that necessary. There are several other content that the website has to offer, like movies, books, anime, video games. The most important part is, you are not going to get the adult content on this site. It also has a very creative UI.

If you look at the demerits, it does not have too many demerits to count on. It is also active in the field of entertaining too many ads. It has been running since 2009 and is supposed to be very promising.


So these were some of the alternatives to TorrentKing. Each of them is flexible. You may consider any of them when PirateBay or Kickass Torrent is down. These are the most recommended ones you may try them out for yourself.

Some require registration whereas many not. Also, the ads are the demerits in almost each of them. Keeping this aside, it works fabulously. Also to quickly make a point, may of them have an almost negligible disadvantage. Hope this article has been helpful to you.