9 Best To Do List Apps for Android in 2021

Best To Do List Apps

To Do Lists apps are very important in this generation. Every day there are new To Do List apps in the market. To Do Lists keep a track of your tasks and goals and keep reminding you to complete them. Hence To Do Lists make your tasks easier. It is difficult to find a perfect To Do List app for oneself that fits according to us.

We do different tasks with different schedules and we want an app that feels right for us. Hence we reject everything that doesn’t seem right to us. So today we are going to present the 9 best To Do Lists Apps for Android in 2021. We are presenting the best To Do Lists Apps that can fit according to your needs and choices.

9 Best To Do List Apps for Android in 2021

1. Todoist

Our first app in our 9 best To Do Lists Apps for Android in 2021 is Todoist. It is one of the best To Do lists apps. This app has over 10 million downloads with positive reviews. It will help you in planning your day in a super-easy way. You can easily track your habits and goals with this app. This app can be used on almost every platform with ease.

We have a habit of forgetting our deadlines and we often remember it at the last time. This app will help you to get the remainder of your deadlines. You can also prioritize your tasks. Track progress will motivate you instantly. The best part is that Todoist isn’t complicated and comes with lots of features for you.

  • Super simple and can be used on all devices.

2. TickTick

TickTick is loaded with lots of features and it makes it super easy for you to track tasks. It has a super creative and attractive interface. You can create tasks by typing or by speaking. You can also sync this app across Mac, iOS, Web, PC, and Android.

It has personalized features and is hence totally suitable for users. You can also view the calendar and tasks each month. Collaboration with your friends and family becomes possible with this app.

You can also add a checklist widget from multiple checklists to your home screen. Some features of this app include setting a repeating period for daily tasks. We often face lots of distractions and with the help of pomo timer this issue is also solved.

  • Calendars, timers, and many more for your complex schedule.

3. Microsoft To Do

This app will surely increase your productivity with quick reminders of tasks. It is designed for the comfortable management of tasks. So let’s know about this To Do Lists app features. It has features like task manager, daily planner, To Do Lists for different reasons, and office 365 integration.

You can use this app on Android, iOS, Mac, Web, and Windows devices. You can personalize your tasks with colorful remainders, group listing, and many more.

There are colorful themes, dark mode, breaking the tasks into small steps, and collaboration with others. These features make this app even more interesting.

  • Personalized tools with a creative interface for all kinds of tasks and goals.

4. Things

It is available for iPhone, iPad, and macOS. This app is loaded with many features and it feels super simple to work with. You can easily add tasks in seconds with many variations for organizing. This app works in a way that always makes you feel like nothing is messy.

This app is currently not available for Windows and Android. You can add tasks, sub-tasks as well as projects. There are keyboard shortcuts, quick remainders, different tools, syncing with iPhone, and a calendar.

All these features make this app super powerful and simple. Your everyday tasks will be sorted out with this app for sure. This app is designed in an elegant way and offers you convenience in using.

  • Attractive interface with a quick way of setting tasks and goals.

5. OmniFocus

OmniFocus is available for iPhone, iPad, and macOS. This app is designed to get your work done within time with many features.

This app allows you to organize your tasks in your way. Your all imaginations for organizing your tasks have a solid chance of coming true with this app. The thing you should remember is that syncing can be done between Apple devices only.

You can say it is one kind of downfall. There are six default views in this app. You can easily organize and set your tasks in different ways like date, due date, priorities, etc.

  • A powerful way of organizing tasks and goals with a touch of creativity.

6. Habitica

Life is a game, isn’t it! Well, it depends on your thinking. We derive motivation from different ways of doing things. This app offers you to set your goals and tasks like you are playing a game. So basically you all treat your tasks and goals as a game level. Hence you will be motivated to achieve them.

This app allows you to create a custom avatar and complete your tasks and achieve rewards. Rewards include armors, pets, skills, and quests. This is a fun way to complete your tasks and goals. You should try this app and maybe this app can work for you.

  • Treating your tasks and goals as a game level and achieving them in a fun way.
  • Helps you to get motivated easily.

7. Google Tasks

This app is available for Web, iPhone, iPad, and Android. Introduced by Google this app is surely a good To Do Lists app. You can create tasks and subtasks in no time. You can also sync with all devices and offer flexibility.

This app will break down your tasks into simple steps. Hence improves your chance of getting work done. Notifications and reminders will keep you on track.

  • Easy control of your tasks in a powerful, flexible way.

8. Remember The Milk

This app is also available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Web. This is totally suitable for busy people. The app allows you to sync easily with all devices. You will receive notifications from the app, email, text, etc to keep you on track.

You can also share your tasks with others. You can organize the tasks according to your choice and priorities. Well, this app is all you need for organizing your goals. It is free for use and it isn’t complex to use at all.

  • Easy way to organize your tasks and get them completed.

9. Any.do

“Organize your life anytime, anywhere” well, this is what the app says. This app is loaded with an advanced calendar, daily planner, syncing, remainders, sharing, etc. You can use different colors for your different priorities. Focus mode with help in avoiding distractions. Super easy to create tasks, projects, etc.

  • A wonderful way of getting your work done easily even if you don’t remember.
  • Helps you to focus on tasks.


We have tried to present the 9 best To Do Lists Apps for Android in 2021 in a super simple way. The apps given above are whatever you are looking for in To Do Lists apps. These apps won’t disappoint you and you can see the results in one week only. So keep yourself organized and calm with these super To Do Lists apps.