7 Best Textsheet Alternatives For Free Study March 2020

Best Textsheet Alternatives

It is more than evident that as college or school students, you are required to complete projects of all sorts from time to time. These projects can be of any type, and more often than not, online searches for best content are required. Here is where Textsheet comes into play.

Best Textsheet Alternatives

Textsheet can help students search for great content for their projects online without much hassle. Before jumping onto the alternatives of Textsheet, let’s see what exactly Textsheet is.

What is Textsheet?

Textsheet.com was a viral educational website used by many college and school going students. It was used very frequently by students to find answers to their questions. The website gained massive popularity amongst students as well as teachers in a short time. Another reason for Textsheet’s enormous fame is that the site offers solutions to its audience free of cost.

The primary motive of the website was to provide answers on school and college projects, homework assignments, and practically everything in-between. Helping students with almost everything other than tests or exams. Text sheet worked via the technology of API.

Why TextSheet shutdown?

The website has been used to offer solutions or answers to Chegg. Chegg is an alternative site to Textsheet online practice paper. Every time the users typed the URL of the problem into the Textsheet search box, the answers provided by the website were given to the students by the use of Chegg API.

It’s due to this reason that the TextSheet website was brought down. The copyright issues that were claimed by the Chegg site put an end to the glory of the TextSheet website.

Textsheet Alternative Sites for Students

Since the Textsheet has now been brought down, people are constantly trying to find the best alternative for Textsheet. It has become a necessity to find that alternative to make student’s life easier. The question that now arises is which website to use in the absence of a Textsheet?

If you are also wondering which site to use instead of the Textsheet or if there is an app that is available on iOS or play store that can be used as the replacement of Textsheet, then you are at the right place. Fortunately, there are plenty of websites out there which are easily accessible, that people can use instead of Textsheet.

Given below is a list of top alternatives for Textsheet, according to us. Here we have mentioned the best options of Textsheet alternatives (and discussed them in detail) to find assignments, textbooks homework, and a lot of other studying material. Let’s have a look at all the Textsheet alternatives one by one.

1. Slader


Slader is a very popular website among students in the US. On this website, students can easily find step-by-step solutions for their questions and answer across hundreds and thousands of textbooks for various subjects along with complete clarifications of them. Slader has continuously improved the quality of its content with each passing day and expanded college-level solution products to help its users in the best possible way.

The designers of Slader founded it as a middle ground between mindlessly copying all the answers out of the back of textbooks and hiring highly expensive tutors. Here students get the specific help they want on the particular problems that are escaping them. Students can take assistance from Slader for their mathematical problems in their schools and college.

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2. Course Hero

It is another reliable alternative to Textsheet. Course Hero is a very well organized website designed to discover answers to your questions, notes, and even a course easily and quickly. The site possesses over 25 million of course study material, as it has mentioned. If you’re a college or school student looking for some assistance with your homework or assignments, then you can very easily find study resources here. All you have to do is type the name of your school or the books’ name or the subject.

You can also use filters to filter the content based on questions, explanations, courses, and even study documents. Users are also allowed to download any of the documents available on the site. But before downloading the desired document, users are supposed to sign in to their website.

3. studylib (Study Library)

Users can search for homework solutions and solved assignments on this site. Studylib allows its users to download as well as share it with their friends who need it. It is a service for the document publication as well as storage that are loaded by the users who use this site.

Users are required to register themselves on the site before they enjoy its services. After which they can add papers and other content in their account. Registration is free.

4. Chegg

Chegg - Best Textsheet Alternatives

Chegg is yet another useful alternative to Textsheet. This website is 20 years old and hence highly trust-worthy. It covers over 80 courses and subjects. Registration on Chegg requires payment, which is quite costly for one month.

The membership is of 14.95 dollars per month and $30 per month with the feature of video calling so that you can easily understand the answer from a lecturer. Chegg also provides a free 30 minutes lecture as the trial version of online tutoring. You can download the Chegg app from the Apple play store as well as the Google play store.

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5. PaperHelp

PaperHelp started in the year 2008 and helped countless people ever since then. The website promises excellent quality content for your research paper. This website delivers research papers to its users’ doorsteps. To utilize its services, you have to sign up on their site and make the payment $10 to $24 per page based on the quality of the content.

The website also offers a 5% and 10% discount on the orders of 500 and 1000 dollars, respectively.

6. SparkNotes

SparkNotes is yet another alternative to Textsheet. This website was acquired by Barnes and Noble in 2001 and was started earlier in the year 1999. SparkNotes helps students in America to prepare for tests like the SAT by offering the feature to buy books on it. Users can find this app on the Apple play store and Google play store too.

7. Crazy for Study

Crazy for Study

Crazy for the study is the last alternative to Textsheet on our list. Services provided by this site are homework help, textbook sales, assignment help. Etc.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About TextSheet

Q 1. What Happened to Textsheet?

TextSheet has been taken down due to copyright issues claimed by Chegg.

Q 2. Is TextSheet illegal?

TextSheet got banned and is facing legal prosecution in the court. You don’t have to worry about this as we have provided alternatives to this website in this article.

Q 3. Is TextSheet.com Safe?

As the TextSheet has been banned, it is evident that it isn’t safe to use it. You can go with its alternatives that we’ve mentioned in our guide.

Q 4. Does Chegg Have a Free Trial?

Yes, Chegg offers a free trial for almost 28 days.

TechVeco’s Conclusion

We have found the best alternatives to TextSheet and discussed all of them in detail here. I hope this article was useful. Thank you for reading!