Teamviewer Alternatives: 10 Best Remote Desktop Software

Teamviewer Alternatives

There were days back then where people could not easily access their computers. There were thousands of reasons as to why it occurred. There is no denying the fact that it happened because of network issues. The networks formerly were known to be less secured which simultaneously would lead to hacking and other malware practices. But now it is very different. Now people can easily access their system sitting anywhere without worrying about the security and the credit goes to none but TeamViewer

Best Alternatives to Teamviewer

TeamViewer is the best known for its magical functions and solutions. But we cannot deny the fact that like any other thing that has its pros and cons, it too has to deal with a lot of shit, thus users are now looking forward to a lot of alternatives of the same. Here we have prepared a list of best Teamviewer alternatives in 2020.

Here is an in-depth view of each of them:

1. Anydesk

it is considered to be one of the most used alternatives of Teamviewer. Using Anydesk you can share your screen with someone and also can access your desktop from anywhere in the world. The data transmission is incredibly fast and thus reflects upon 60 FPS screen sharing. You will be happy to know that it supports many platforms that hold intensity. Some of them are Free BSD, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. The data transmissions are incredibly fast and the latency is low. It is also lightweight which counts for around 2 MB in size. It is cross-platform with no restrictions in the free version and it features rich software.

2. logMeln

To highlight the advantage, one could store, share, and collaborate in the logMeln. Its major function is to provide remote access to people of their system. It is best compatible for the professionals who have to do freelancing or any other work using their system, they could easily do it suing LongMeln. It provides 1TB free cloud storage to share files. using it, one could easily and quickly share the files with anyone. So you might have guessed by now that it is very easy to set-up, you also have an option of drag and drop file transfer with whiteboard support. It also can record sessions. But the unfortunate part is, the audio feature is not that good, and there I also no free version or features present under this.

3. Splashtop

You may feel delighted to know that there is not much complacency to set this up. It is very easy to access and reliable too. You can easily control your system be it a mobile phone, desktop, anything from anywhere in the world. Talking about the quality of the videos, it must be informed that it is excellent, and in terms of video to the same is the case. The portable version here is also great. However, you may see that the CPU usage becomes very high after a considerable period.

4. Parallels Access

It is fast, simple meaNs easy to use, and one of the most reliable alternatives. You would be surprised to know that apps here work in full window mode. Talking about the touch control, it is deemed to be excellent. it provides support to several devices but macOS, windows devices from iOS, and Android devices are its favorites. However, you might not be happy to know that it only functions for accessing desktop from mobile devices.

5. Supremo

it is deemed to be easy, reliable, and powerful to use. Apart from accessing your system it also allows you to host meetings that too in minutes and sometimes even seconds. You do not need to install anything to use the software, such as the compatibility of it. The address book here is also integrated adding to its merits. It is also very easy here to navigate UI. Talking about some of its advantages, in terms of audio it is pathetic as there is no voice support. There is also no remote printing support.

6. Chrome Remote Dekstop

You will have to know this that if you are looking for a completely free software then this is the right one. IOt is sadi so because it does not involve any charge and is free to every bit. It is also not as powerful as other alternatives of Teamviewer but you could fulfil your needs using this very thing. It is also available for all the major platforms but unfortunately lacks in many features. It supports, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, macOS. It is also end to end encrypted. However, to get things done, you should have a chrome browser installed.

7. ConnectWise Control

The name of this software has been amended, formerly it was known to be ScreenConnect. It was then taken up by ConnectWise and renamed. It provides remote assistance to their clients. It is known to be working best for companies. Ther are also flexible paid plans under this. You will unquestionably enjoy many features and would not regret saying for some plans. There is unlimited access to unattended features. But you may be saddened by the fact that there is no iOS support and it is not, meant for individual users.

8. Beyond Trust

One of the most notable things about it is, it provides security to you up to another level. This makes it one of the most distinguishable things. It is also one of the best reliable source for the company as it prohibits spam and other malware attacks. The security here is very much superior and there is SAML integration. Here SAML stands for, security assertion markup language. It is known to be supporting all the major systems and connected devices. But another demerit that would somewhat cover its merit is, it is a bit pricey and has a little bit of a learning curve.

9. Lite Manager

For distant learning, nothing could be more reliable than this one. If you want to remotely administer your computer just go for it, without giving it a second thought. Under this, you can control 30 computers together. You may also go for premium features once you are satisfied with the type of service provided by it. The UI here is also simple and clear. It is excellent in terms of audios, videos, and texts. The free features are also very capable to win your trust. But it must also not be ignored that it is very hard to set up and the toolbar here is also very hard to understand.

10. Zoho Assist

It is used mostly by the IT departments of companies, schools, and big organizations. It is known to be a highly efficient cloud-based team viewer alternative. You will find that there is an advantage or merit as to say it of a seamless file transfer feature during a live session. There is also a high-quality voice and video chat feature. One could also notice that during live sessions there is fast connectivity. But it is also pricey or a bit expensive and requires a steep learning curve.


So these were some of the best alternatives to TeamViewer. Using any of these you can remotely access your mobile, desktop, and whatnot. Some of them involve no complacencies whereas others are a bit complicated to use. Some of them are completely free whereas others are completely paid. Now it depends on you to choose the most compatible for you. Hope this article helps!

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