Top 10 Sites Like 123Movies in 2021

Sites Like 123Movies

123movies is a site that tends to offer various movies or animes or series that you can download for free. It was originally discovered in 2015 and had about 100 million active users but in 2018, the site was shut down by the Motion Picture Association of America. The original site does not work anymore but it is still active in the form of its mirrors and clone.

The reason it was taken down is that there were many ads and malware detected. Various sites claim to offer your free movies and series but what they do is offer you tonnes of malware and ads. You do not end up being satisfied and gloomily search for other fake promising sites.

But this is to happen no more as today we are here to provide you with the best alternatives for 123Movies. This article aims at putting an end to your tireless search, we have prepared the list and you are all welcome to check it for yourself.

Many readers might want to question the legality of using 123Movies. For your extensive information, many countries have legalized the use of 123Movies however others do regulate the streaming of such sites and thus question the user upon the usage of such sites.

In countries like the United States of America, they do not consider using some websites legal and unfortunately, 123Movies is on the list. However, the list of the alternatives that we are providing below would enable you to sit in any country and have a legal operation of the same. So these alternatives are the savior to the residents of America and other such countries.

Below down is the list of 10 best 123Movies Alternatives:

  1. PutLocker
  2. Vumoo
  3. Go Stream
  4. Yesmovies
  5. FMovies
  6. SolarMovies
  7. GoMovies
  8. Watch free
  9. Popcornflix
  10. Primewire

Best Legal 123movies Alternative Sites

1. PutLocker

it would be no wrong to say that Putlocker is a sister to 123Movies. When one visits the site, he would know that the site shares many similarities with 123Movies. The design is minimalist as one could spot in 123Movies as well.

The colorful scheme that consists of gray and green makes it look similar to 123Movies but you dare not confuse it with the same. You are going to have a good user experience as the site contains a good number of movies, shows, and series. It is also advantageous over other alternatives a sit does not offer too many ads to spoil your day. The search bar here is just right as you can instantly look for your favorite show.

2. Vumoo

This site is said to contain one of the largest sections for movies and shows. The visitors have been coming back and tagging it as something reliable. If you want to know why it is considered reliable then you must go and click on a movie to watch, you will see without much interruption and buffering you are all good going with your favorite movie.

It has a homepage that is quite simple but the traffic on this site is commendable. It also does not take much time to download your favorite show or movies even via mobile.

3. GoStream

Something that has been a milestone concerning this site needs to be mentioned as our users also know the pros and cons of a site before giving it a check. This site is just lovable as it is not going to bother you with ads that you frequently encounter on other sites. But this does not mean that the site is completely free of sponsors clutch.

You will have to face some sponsoring clicks but one could easily avoid it without an AdBlock. It also enables you to watch your favorite movie or show completely free of cost. The browsing pat is very interesting as you would come across shows for various age groups.

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4. YesMovies

You got to say a big yes to this site. Do you want to know why? Yes, of course, this site enables the users to rate movies or shows that they have recently watched. Once you are finished watching a particular show, you are provided with the option of rating and one must do so as it would let others know the quality of the show.

So the ones willing to watch the show that you have recently watched will get an idea as to how good or amazing the show is. Most of the content on this site is available in HD, but you could also opt for CAM rip or SD quality.

5. FMovies

You cannot deny that Fmovies has been the-called savior site since time immemorial. The site is the oldest one and has gained enormous respect for years. If you are looking for newly released movies with high-quality video then what are you waiting for?

Just visit the site and grab a popcorn and you are good to go with your favorite show. Also, the site’s movie player can be controlled using the shortcuts on the keyboard.

6. Solar Movies

You do not require to register on this site to have access to your favorite movies. But it is also needless to say that the site appears mostly like the premium one. It is also regarded as one of the most polished streaming sites.

To look for your favorite movies, you need not browse among thousands of options available, just enter the name of the movie, click on the thumbnail of the movie and press lay and you are all set to watch your favorite movies. There is also the rating option here which you must not skip to let others decide whether to watch the movie or not.

7. GoMovies

There are just a variety of genres present here that enables you to decide what genre would you like to watch on a particular day. The variety it has to offer is pretty commendable from action to horror.

You need not necessarily register on the site however one can as it gives them the right to ask or request for the addition of more content. Here you are privileged to sort the movies according to IMDb rating. It also has to offer extensive television shows, if movies are not your pleasure guilt, then go for the shows.

8. WatchFree

The site is good when compared to the speed of other alternatives. It also has an extensive genre among which you have the gratitude to choose your favorite one. Though the site may be the last one to be relied on in the list it does not mean that it is only filled with cons.

It has its own set of pros and one among them is, most of the movies even before being available on the other sites are present here. The pop-up window here is undoubtedly a headache that pops up when we click on a movie. Nevertheless, some negatives should not refrain you from practicing hit and trail on the site.

9. Popcornflix

What to say about this amazing site? It has been undoubtingly best over the years. It deals only in videos and always has something amazing to offer. It even has viral videos to entertain its visitors. Fail Arm, The Pet Collective, and People Are Awesome is its content offerings.

If you are someone who does not have time to watch your favorite shows let alone movies but desperately need some entertainment for a short period then blindly follow the site. It has various genres and contents are neatly organized keeping in mind the same. The homepage here is updated every day.

10. Primewire

The site uses redesign. When compared to other alternative sites, it would be unfair to not mention that the site looks outdated and even unpolished sometimes. The site is said to have curated playlists featuring everything. It even covers space movies, western movies, slavery, and many other genres.

It might be outdated, but still many users or rather regular customers love its traditional bearing. They are pleased with the fact that the site has not been accustomed to regular updation. You have the privilege to create your playlists which you can even further to your friends


So these were some of the amazing sites or rather say alternatives to 123Movies. You may go through the list and choose your savior. Needless to say, every site mentioned in the list has been working excellent.

Some of them even involve negligible glitches, you may read the article to know what would suit your interest. All of the above-mentioned sites have their pros and cons but the negatives should not refrain you from trying them out. You may even visit each of them and judge for yourself.