12 Best Sites like Roll20 Alternatives for Tabletop Gaming

Best Roll20 Alternatives

It would be no bad to mention that with technological advancement, customers have been exposed to a variety of games and the types of equipment that support them. It is, with no doubt for customers’ welfare and convenience. But you know that some of this help turn out to be fantastic, we may say, they are not helping rather an adventure itself. With us, and the game, they become an integral part of our life. Undeniable is the fact that people have been praising them all. Today we are here to talk about something similar, a tool or rather a set of tools that had developed gamings besides assisting them

What is roll20?

It was launched back some eight years ago. Yes ! you got it right. In 2012, these tools, better called Roll20 started coming into existence. They have always been known as the tabletop games. These set of tools have established a benchmark in aiding the games in the online games. To elaborate it, with more vivid details, they make a game interesting and particularly take the responsibility of making a game engaging by providing a certain set of tools. They may give you a blank slate. It has been highly praised and has also been awarded as the best software in the past years.

How Does it function:

  1. You need to sign up to create your Roll20 account.
  2. Secondly, you got to buy a game or join someone’s game for more exposure
  3. Thirdly use “Join the game”
  4. And lastly, you may start playing

Note: Some people might confuse it for being completely free or completely paid. For your information, it is neither completely free nor completely paid, you got the basic things or features for free, but if you want exposure to more features, you got to pay for it.

So today we will be talking about some alternatives for roll20. Do follow below for a brief description of the subject. Here is a list of the top 12 alternatives of the same

A brief description of each one of them

Best Roll20 Alternatives

1. Fantasy Grounds

You will be surprised to know that in this, there is a lot of compatibility between the software and the interfaces. For your information, it was created for D & D games. Once you are on with this, it would help you to track your progress in the game. The users are also provided with what is known as a character sheet. It better enables users for the roleplaying games and you require a game master for the same.

2. Map Tool

Herein the interaction procedure is cool. You may have multiple interactions with its help and may experience a different level of joy while gaming. If you have a good network setting then you may feel advantageous as you can enjoy the extra features without even paid subscriptions. To run this, you require Java six or something even higher than that. It is also known to be the best virtual dashboard.

3. D & D Beyond

These platforms have been proved to be very compatible and easy to use. The games have varieties of features that make it more enthusiastic without any question. For your information, the big bang theory was the reason behind its popularity. It also has the twitch integration which is another reason why it creates a zealous atmosphere while the game is on. You are exposed to a variety of features as it has many. Though you do not necessarily require a subscription, if you want to have a taste of additional and exposure to more qualitative features, you may get a paid subscription for yourself.

4. Beyond Tabletop

one of the highlighting characteristics of the same is, it is easy to use like D & D Beyond. The gamers or the users as to say it is provided with character sheets inclusive of the map. It is also known to be one of the best alternatives to Roll20. It assists the gamers while the gaming session is on and the tools that are offered but it simply outstanding. It works the smoothest with the touch screen device and allows you to play both real in real life and online. Also, it requires no download procedure.

5. Astral Tabletop

To talk about its advantages, it like literally permits you to host games. Is not it interesting? Rather too much to be believed. It is very much user friendly as it also has an option to have a live video call. Here you will have the chance of multi interactions, in short, the interaction provided here is not limited, like in most cases it does. The user normally has an easy-going behavior with it, as the use of it does not involve much of complexity. You can invite your friends to join a game on this or maybe host it yourself, depending upon your choice.

6. GM Forge

You will again have here a virtual dashboard facility or a rejuvenating experience to call it. It is like any other tabletop facility that works exceptionally well. Like every other Roll20 alternatives, it too has some commitments but you may be saddened by the fact that the commitment here is too strict. We will let you know about this. You require $30 to access the software, this is the only distinctive feature which probably makes it stand out. Anyways, not too worries as it is just a one-time payment. Till you can host games.

7. Battlegrounds

It has many exciting features. It like any other Roll 20 alternative has multi interaction facility, mind you, not everyone has it, though many. Now coming back to the point, you would feel nauseous to know that it allows you to play both card and board games. Such is the extent of its popularity and features that it is now considered competition to roll20. The best part is, even if the gamers and users are scattered worldwide, it still facilitates interaction between them. You even have the luxury to roll the virtual dice.

8. Inkarnate

It keeps on updating, so it is considered much better on the recommendation. Also, it has some exciting features that thoroughly require a paid subscription from the users. Although you are given access to basic elements that one needs to know the quality of it. For more elaborate qualitative enhancement you require a premium to pay. It also exposes you to worldbuilding, you may take it up and enhance your skills. It provides a map that enables facilitation and joy while gaming. It has also contributed towards supporting fancy races.


It has been a crafter for roleplaying games mainly. It is simple or easy to use. You also have access to your data by backing it up in the cord, however this is an automatic process. It also provides a virtual dashboard and of course no need to mention, the most important ones: the map. Though it has amazing tools, they are not large in number. It also has a multi-user interaction facility and shareable link policy, through which anybody could join you.

10. Rolisteam

It’s considered to be one of the best alternatives to roll20. It allows you to communicate with your friends and other people over the gaming and share kinds of stuff. It earned fame when it introduced an integrated music player in the interface. You have several tools like characters sheets and, maps, but what’s more interesting is, you also have the facility to enable “war fog on a map”. Once you start using it, you would find that it is more of a shareable platform where you can share images and files. To start the game, you would require to roll the virtual dice.

11. Dundjinni

It is one of the most colorful alternatives to roll20 as it adds colors to your games therein. It is popularly known for inserting graphics. To be very precise about it, it works on PC and Mac but is well known for making your game colorful and enjoyable. You can paint using this. It allows you to draw objects, walls, floors, and whatnot. Lastly, it also seeks to provide a finishing touch to your game. Do not doubt its integrity, it can prove to be most noteworthy and can engage you in colors.

12. Planar Ally

The best about it is, you do not require a net connection to use this.you can also draw objects and features using this. It is also known to be one of the most latest alternatives to Roll20. If you have a vivid imagination in your mind then do not hesitate to purge out your creativity here. It gives an exact shape to your ideas and even adds more lighting to it. Thus your thoughts become expressive then and there. Since it is the latest, the developers are yet solving some of the features and problems that might persist from time to time


So these were some of the Roll20 alternatives. Some of them require premium while others give much exposure even without premium. The latest ones are also good to use but do not forget this that you might face some technical errors or issues while gaming concerning their use. These were the topmost in the list and now it is completely on you to try them, Do give it a shot. Hope this article helps.

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