5 Best r/SoccerStreams Alternatives for Live Streaming in 2020

Best r/SoccerStreams Alternative for Live Streaming

The Premier League team charged the SoccerStreams Subreddit with some copyright allegations, which leads to the removal of the r/SoccerStreams page that has more than one lakh followers. Here, in this article, we will help you to know about some best alternatives to r/SoccerStreams. It will help you to get the latest updates regarding Football.

A person who wants to save his money but is a die-hard fan of Football can go for SoccerStreams Subreddit. During the 2019 Fifa World Cup, the r/SoccerStreams Subreddit platform became very popular and attracted several football lovers. More than 1 lakh users visit this website for gathering all information regarding Football.

The r/SoccerStreams not only offered access to Football sources but also invited various people to watch the Fifa World Cup. Before 30 minutes of the match being started, there are hundreds and even more people who joined this website. This website enables the users to watch the match in full HD quality with the higher resolution of 720p and 1080p.

5 Best r/SoccerStreams Alternative for Live Streaming

Apart from the football matches, the SoccerStreams Subreddit offers direct links, Sopcast links, and Acestream links. Undoubtedly, a number of people connected to the website operator for P2P technologies, which are very much closer to the torrent website. Out of all this, the best feature of the website is offering HD quality video watching without any interruptions.

However, SoccerStreams Subreddit does not exist now. The reason behind this is the copyright violation forced by the Premier League team. Moreover, it was considered as one of the best-trusted Subreddit used for sharing work streams in full HD quality. The website offers the forthcoming football leagues along with safety and security.

In this article, you will read about the 5 top best alternatives to r/SoccerStreams that can be used in place of SoccerStreams Subreddit. Users will able to see all the latest football matches in full HD quality with suitable resolutions. Go through all the five alternatives given below in this article:

1. r/soccer

r/soccer - Best Free r/SoccerStreams Alternatives

This website was released after the SoccerStream was distorted. Hence Redsoccer is a moderately new website. As this platform is currently developed there is a less amount of subscribers listen here. However, the bonds which are scheduled here are beneficial.

Here, on this platform, the users need to follow certain rules and regulations that will maintain the high standard of the links streaming on the website. The website delivers only the direct links for streaming. The quality of the display is SD or HD.

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2. r/Footballtactics

r/Footballtactics is a platform where all football fans will love to visit. This platform offers its users all the links related to the sources and minutes and other information before the beginning of the game. People from different places post various links of several matches played. This may help you to find the link to the match as per your choices.

Presently, it has not much more subscribers, but the quantity reached up to 10 thousand followers. Nevertheless, while visiting this site, the user will find about 1 thousand subscribers at a given point of time. The links displayed on this platform is mostly from the AceStream site. So there is less chance of buffering.

3. r/USsoccer

USsoccer has reached the point where r/USsoccer was earlier. This platform has gained every possible thing through its web of conflict. This clearly depicts that the real reddit section is basic too.

As it is very clear that Soccer Streams has collapsed at a time, there is no guarantee that Soccer Thunder will perform better for a longer period of time. However, you can enjoy the page until it is available for use.

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4. r/SoccerstreamsRedd

The motive behind the creation of r/SoccerstreamsRedd page is the continuous spoiling of subreddits. The subreddits were collapsed because of involvement in the allocation of the Stream bonds. However, this platform does not offer any interesting apps; neither attracts or pleases customers. Moreover, this website provides a small number of links at a particular point in time.

Furthermore, the links are later removed from the website once the users had clicked on it. The removal of links is required to proceed for neglecting the censorship of the domain.

5. r/chelseafc

Chelsea FC - Carefree - r-chelseafc

Last but not least, on this list of best alternatives to r/SoccerStreams. Chelseafc is an identical name for the football club named as Chelsea football club. The community of this club has created the website r/chelseafc. The platform has covered more than 130K subscribers to make the website stronger. Users can easily receive the latest updates regarding football matches.

Apart from the updates, it also offers reports, match timings, and schedules. Not only the leaders, but the users are also allowed to post videos and links regarding soccer matches and debate football matches.

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Live Football Connection Discord Network

Anyone interested in technologies must possess some knowledge related to Discord. Discord can be explained as a VoIP program used for the purpose of exchanging texts, audio, videos, and images related to online games. Both the operating systems and web browsers support the Discord program and can use it easily.

Discord servers started running after the Reddit blocked the SoccerStreams. The server became famous very soon, and more than 1.5 lakh people joined in a few weeks. Approximately thousands of people are online on this website at the same point in time. The Discord performs similar functions as SoccerStreams.

Using the Discord, users can directly communicate with the admin panel or moderators. Users can easily send links to the matches after accepting the posts. Additionally, the users can use the streamer feature for sharing the links potentially. For example, the streamers of SoccerStreams can post links of the matches before one hour of the match starts.

However, the users will avail the channel links only before 30 minutes of the time of the beginning of the match. So, if you are using a Discord channel devoid of a live game, you will not be able to find any connections.


We have described the top 5 best alternatives to r/SoccerStreams that can be used in 2020. Also, you must know that these pages can also be copied without any restrictions as it infringes the copyright. So, you should go through all the options mentioned in this article and choose the best one for streaming links of football matches.

You can select the best suitable website that attracts you for streaming links for the live football matches if you have any idea about other alternatives other than the ones mentioned above you can also give them a try.