10 Best Mejorenvo Alternatives You can Use in 2020

Best Mejorenvo Alternatives You can Use

Today everyone is familiar with torrents as it is undoubtedly the best way possible to download any web series or movies. Mejorenvo is one of the many torrent sites that offer its users to download any video they wish to. In the guide, we have listed the best Mejorenvo alternatives, according to us, as the website is available only in Spanish. In other words, it’s a language barrier as the site works only in the Spanish language.

We took the initiative to research the best alternatives to Mejorenvo that are capable of helping you in downloading TV series and movies as these alternatives are available in English. And that’s not all, along with the language barrier gone, you also get excellent video quality format in comparison to Mejorenvo.

Best Mejorenvo Alternatives You can Use

The given alternatives are capable of providing many features to their users, including various video formats, different categories of videos, and a great variety of supported languages. Hopefully, you will like all the alternatives on our list as they all work pretty great. Let’s have a look at all of them and get you out of boredom.

1. Kickass Torrent

A lot of people are familiar with the name of Kickass torrent. The popularity of Kickass torrent speaks for itself. This alternative doesn’t need any introduction, and users can easily search for any movie torrent that they wish to download, the website has it all. The user interface of the site is quite simple and to-the-point.

In addition to movie torrents, the site also offers eBooks, software, games, and much more. Although the website gets blocked a lot of times. Hence users should search for proxies.

2. 1337x

1337x has a vast online community for the torrents. The user interface of the site is pretty simple, and it offers a search bar to easily search for what you are looking for. Moreover, the website’s user experience is immaculate, as it is ad-free. Hence, users can easily download the movie torrents without being bothered by annoying advertisements. Along with movies, the website also has torrent for comics, music, and TV series.

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3. Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents offers a massive collection of torrents with excellent file sizes. The site is updated very frequently, keeping its users coming back for more. Lime torrents allow its users to sort torrents according to size, date, and the number of leeches/seeds. People can find a lot of torrents for software and games along with movie torrents. Once the users click on the torrent, they are redirected to a separate page containing all the details of that particular torrent.

4. Zooqle

Zooqle is the direct successor of BitSnoop. Bitsnoop was discontinued in the year 2017. Zooqle has a massive library of torrents. All the torrents available on this platform are verified. The website also provides a search bar to find all the desired torrents easily, along with navigation buttons for games, movies, software, and many more. Feel free to check out this website to download whatever movie, game, or series you wish to watch next.

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5. YIFY Torrents

YIFY Torrents is the go-to website to download movies and such for a lot of people. The site has a vast collection that is updated regularly. Users can search for movies in YIFY Torrents according to the genre, year of release, rating, and many more. Users of the website can also give their feedback and suggestions in the feedback section. The site also offers data to the facility of data backup that we believe is a great feature.

6. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is highly likely that you are already familiar with The Pirate Bay. Most of you must have used it too. This website has a very minimalist interface, much similar to Mejorenvo. You can easily upload as well as download from this website, all thanks to SSL encryption. The Pirate Bay has a vast collection of torrents that are updated frequently. The site has registered daily traffic of 5+ million users. The Pirate Bay also offers P2P file sharing.

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7. Torklock

Torklock website provides a vast collection of torrents. What makes this site stand out in this list is that all the torrents provided by them are verified. Torklock is very dedicated to their “no fake policy,” and they are willing to pay $1 for every fake torrent found. The website offers torrents for various things starting from games to tv shows to movies and software. The user interface of the site is very well organized hence provides quick navigation. Moreover, plenty of proxies are available for this website.


RARBG delivers a fast and secure way to download torrents for movies that you wish for. The user interface of the site is straightforward and offers a clean user experience. On the left side of the website’s homepage provides separate links to all the sections, offering smooth navigation. The site possesses an enormous library of torrents for tv shows, movies, applications, software, ebooks, and a lot more.

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9. Extratorrent

Extratorrent offers a massive collection of torrents for its users to search from. It is one of the top alternatives to Mejorenvo, all thanks to its simple user interface. The website offers a search bar at the tops that aid its users in finding the torrents which you wish for.

Other than torrents for shows and movies that you want to for, the website also provides software, games, and a lot more. We give a big thumbs up to Extratorrent and would highly recommend it to our readers.

10. MoviesFoundOnline

MoviesFoundOnline is a free platform to download movies and other video content all across the internet in just one place. The user interface of the website is pretty simple. There is a search bar on the website’s homepage to help its users find what they are looking for.

Below that search bar, a clean navigation bar is present containing short films, movies, viral videos, animations, and a lot more. Users can also give their suggestions regarding the website on the right side.

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These are all the top alternatives to Mejorenvo, according to us. Try any of them with confidence or you can try all of them and see which works best for you. We hope that this article was informative. Thank you for reading!