9 Best LaTeX Editors You Should Use in 2021

Best LaTeX Editors

LaTeX editors are commonly used for digital documents. LaTeX is usually pronounced as Lay-Tek. LaTeX is markup-level text editing. It is commonly used for papers that involve scientific papers and maths equations. This was the common reason behind the development of LaTeX in the first place. There are lots of LaTeX editors in the market with different features.

We are presenting some of the best LaTeX editors for you and so read them all. You will be able to know about the most suitable LaTeX editor for you by reading this article. So keep reading ahead 9 Best LaTeX Editors you should use in 2021 for all details.

What is a LaTeX Editor?

Let’s know about what a LaTeX editor is before knowing about the best LaTeX editors. In simple words, LaTeX is similar to Html in terms of formatting. LaTeX editor is specially used for mathematical equations and scientific equations in digital documents.

As said earlier, this is a markup-level text editing. Hence you can easily decide the formatting of text through markup level instructions. LaTeX actually follows the “What you see is What you mean” (WYSIWYM). You can also export the LaTeX documents in any file format. So basically you define the formatting of text and then type the content.

We will use the markup level instructions for defining the formatting of text. So now you know about LaTex and its uses. Hence now let’s know about the 9 Best LaTeX Editors you should use in 2021.

9 Best LaTeX Editors You Should Use in 2021

1. TeXmaker

TeXmaker is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is also very popular among LaTeX users. It also has a PDF viewer facility. It is loaded with many outstanding features for developing documents. Talking about features, it has inline spelling checking, Unicode support, code folding, rectangular block selection, and auto-completion.

You can also create tables, figures, and many more. Any errors in documents are easily detected by this editor followed by a warning. So you can take the necessary steps and hence be good for your work.

You can also insert mathematical symbols and even LaTeX tags with one click. There are also various keyboard shortcuts for increasing your convenience. All these features make this editor even more amazing.

2. TeXnicCenter

It is available for Windows. TeXnicCenter is also a wonderful LaTeX editor. It has a menu that gives you all precoded elements, symbols, formulas, and sections in one place. You can easily bibliography as well as an index.

You can type the documents in LaTeX and also compile them in PDF, PS, or DVI. This LaTeX editor also helps you in checking spellings while typing. You can smoothly navigate through LaTeX documents by using the master branch navigator.

It has also pre-defined LaTeX snippets which are definitely going to be very useful. This LaTeX editor is totally suitable for all Windows users.

3. LyX

It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. This LaTeX editor is totally suitable for beginners. It is a full-featured document processor LaTeX editor. You can easily use arrays of equations, theorems, and algorithms.

This LaTeX editor supports many languages such as Persian, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, and Hebrew. It also has special features such as reference indexing and an integrated equation editor.

One of the unique features of LyX is automatic index creation. Other normal features include spell checking, PDF view, a package of formulas and equations, and auto-completion.

4. Texstudio

It is available for Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, and Mac OS X. Texstudio is an open text source editor. It is also very popular amongst users due to its awesome features.

You will be glad to know that it has over 1000 mathematical formulas. The plus features are Document Word Count, frequency count analysis and so much more. There is a super awesome spell check feature, syntax highlighting, and code folding.

You can drag and drop images conveniently. Texstudio also has an assistant feature that is obviously helpful to beginners. Table auto-formatter is there for you to take care of created tables.

5. Papeeria

It is actually an online LaTeX editor. It is totally free of cost and totally flexible on all platforms. You can easily share your documents with colleagues. It is loaded with lots of templates hence making your work super simple. With lots of templates come lots of layouts and you can select any of them. Hence it is quite flexible and powerful to work with.

6. Overleaf

It is also an online LaTeX editor. It is popularly used for scientific documents. It also has many awesome templates. You can also share your documents on social media. You can also view your output PDF instantly. Overleaf also helps you in checking errors, document revisions, etc.

These templates can be of formal letters, reports, thesis, Resume, etc. There is also a real-time collaboration feature hence allowing you to collaborate easily with others. There is also a dark mode available. Hence it totally depends on you and your choices for everything in Overleaf.

7. Authorea

Authorea is also an online LaTeX editor. It takes collaboration to a new level with its features. It means multiple people can edit a document at the same time. You can do live chat as well as commenting. You can easily insert mathematical equation formulas, images without any complicated steps.

You get the auto-creation of bibliography features with this editor. It has over 40 publisher and journal styles. It has templates, tools, insertion of tables images links, and auto-creation of references pages. You can also quickly edit the documents, easily share them on social media in different formats such as PDF, word count, etc.

8. Kile LaTex Editor

It is available for Linux, Windows, and macOS. It is totally free of cost and loaded with many useful features. Features such as an interactive preview mechanism and graphical interface make this editor super special. You can compile documents and display them with a single click. It has also graphical lists of symbols so you can easily insert them.

There are many templates and wizards for instant use. So you can use these templates and get your work done in a few minutes. It supports quick preview, insertion of citations, smart editing commands, and conversion. This LaTeX editor is super efficient and effective.

9. Vim with LaTeX-Suite

Now we are talking about the last LaTeX editor in our 9 Best LaTeX Editors you should use in 2021. It is available for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Unix-based systems.

It is one of the most successful and powerful LaTeX editors in the market. It has features like visual editing, compiling of documents, code folding, many templates, and mode mapping. Vim LaTeX is actually an extension of Vim.

You can also fix errors quickly as this LaTeX editor helps you in detecting errors within the document. Forward and inward searching is also supported. It has over 600 LaTeX commands. So overall, it is equipped with awesome features that will make your work super easy and convenient.


There are lots of LaTeX editors in the market. Honestly, it will take a lot of time in search of the best LaTeX editors then an editor that really suits you. Hence we have tried to present the 9 Best LaTeX Editors you should use in 2021. We have tried to present their qualities and compatibility with different devices.

So you can take a quick look at all the best 9 LaTeX editors. So after that, you can choose the most suitable LaTeX editor for you. It will save your time and increase your efficiency too. I hope this article helps you in knowing about the best LaTeX editor for you.