10 Best KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoons Online Free

KissCartoon Alternatives

Have you heard of an amazing site Kisscartoon? It is an online website that offers streamed content especially cartoons. Remember it is the third-party content provider which means it will have zero content of its own but provides you the content of other servers.

The portfolio of content is very wide- 5,000 cartoons. To name a few Family Guy, Gravity Falls, The Flintstones and the Scooby-Doo. There are many other famous cartoons that attract the viewers like Batman, The Jetsons, Beavis and Butt-Head, X- men, King of the Hill, Justice League. It features some kids cartoons also like The Looney Tunes Show, The Tom and Jerry Show etc.

With the ads support this site is specialised in providing the free content to its viewers. If ads pester you and create a distraction in viewing that you can block them too.

Here in this article, we will discuss about the top 10 alternative sites of Kisscartoon.

KissCartoon Alternatives

  1. KissAnime

Tagged as the sister site of KissCartoon, Kiss Anime has large number of Japanese anime. These are hand-drawn computerized animation which is so vivid and immersive due to its colourful graphics, lively characters and powerful themes. The4 content is arranged in alphabetical sequence so users can easily access from the ordered list. It has same layout and similar design as compared to Kiss Cartoon. Do you remember the transformer and Simpson cartoon? All these are available here.

In addition to this there are other features like in built video player, multiple platform compatibility and very hight quality material.

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  1. Watch Cartoons Online

It would be easy to say that Watch Cartoons Online is famous for its easy and simple interface and make It easy for the beginners to discover new and interesting cartoons. The way of navigation is amazing where page-by-page can be browsed through a 300+ pages. The search bar is user friendly and specific cartoon can be easily searched from the list of long catalogues. Huge database of content and HD quality videos are the most attractive features of this website.

The most attractive feature of this website ids that it is easy to navigate for the children. The reason behind this is that colourful and prominent navigation bar tat give amazing search experience to children and first- time users. Even the advertisement that are features on this website is children friendly and free from the adult or pornographic content.

  1. Cartoon Extra

The collection of movies and comics is very wide and hence this site is considered as best polished streaming site that features all famous cartoons along with the pack of extra fun. Some of the cartoons to name are Sponge Bob Square Pants and Adventure Time. Other cartoons to name are The Loud House, Regular Show etc.

  1. Anime Toon

Sometimes you cannot watch whole session of anime that is showing on television. So, to watch in breaks you have got Anime Toon. Also, they have upgraded themselves to an Android app that allows you to watch anytime and from anywhere. Do you remember Ben 10, Pokémon and American dad? All such type of famous content is available right her on this website. It has got very high- quality HD video along with the simple interface that is easy to operate for the beginners.

The user base is very large due to which this website receives more than 3 million views as a website traffic.

  1. Nyaa

Nyaa is Japanese public BitTorrent tracker that allows you to download all Japanese video games and software and anime. Also, you can stream live movies and TV shows. Other than this one can download or play online the Japanese music. There is great fluctuation in download speed.

  1. Too nova

Within a fraction of time you will get your favourite cartoon online after the release. That why Too nova is the ultimate choice for the starters and hard- core cartoon fans. One best thing about this site is that you don’t have to worry about the availability of cartoons because there is facility of multiple mirrors.

  1. Watch Series –

It is very different from the other online streaming sites as it does not hold any particular genre. The list of content is vast and some important episodes like game of thrones, Black mirror, Titans, Big bang etc. have generated large fan base over the period of time. So along with the cartoons there are large number of other episodes to binge watch on.

  1. Baka BT

This one is the different site as it is tagged as semi- private. The semi- private Bit torrent tracker means that prior to join this website users will have to go through interview session on the IRC channel of the site. Despite such complications this site is valuable for its amazing and lightning fast download speed.

  1. Anime Story

Variety of anime are loaded on to this website and the best thing is that viewers will get subtitles along with the dubbing. It is Japanese anime where users can also draft request and the back-up team is very fast and agile to give response.

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  1. KimCartoon –

Kim Cartoon has competitive edge over its design execution and the depth of anime variety is just amazing. The portfolio includes all time best of the classics like The Tom and Jerry. This website is very fast at loading the latest content that has been recently released.


It is a need of human psychology to come out of the boring and sedentary life. We need entertainment at different points of life. Say thanks to kisscartoon and other related website that give amazing and immersive content that drifts you away from the harsh reality of life for some moments. Especially it is important in current situation because this is the time period of lockdown where depression is at peak.

We want to give this harsh news to our users that Kisscartoon is no more. Yes, this is true it was banned by DMCA due to some copyright issues. So, you should certainly try the above-mentioned websites. Enjoy the cartoon for free and make your boring life colourful.