8 Best Investing Apps to Grow your Money

Best Investing Apps

Today investing is made super easy with investing apps. Investing apps allow you to invest money without any stockbrokers and advisors. So it makes investing done independently without depending on others. You can easily invest in mutual funds, individual stocks, and many more with convenience.

This is the right place for you for interested people looking for investing apps. Hence today we are going to present the 8 best investing apps to grow your money. There are so many investing apps in the market but not all are reliable. So worry no more and keep reading the 8 best investing apps to grow your money for all apps.

8 Best Investment Apps

1. Stash

The first app in our 8 best investing apps to grow your money is Stash. It is available on Android as well as iOS. Stash charges monthly fees starting from $1 to a maximum of $9 per month. Stash generally has 3 account tiers offers.

You can arrange the settings according to you and set a decent profile. There is educational content related to investment in the app.

This educational content is very important to beginners for understanding the investing process. The people looking for more information and pros and cons related to investing can also check out there.

Investing starts at a minimum of $5. Apart from these features, you also get the view set of investments with different details related to different factors. These factors include levels of risks, costs, history, performance, etc.

2. Acorns

It is also available on platforms like Android and iOS. This app comes with the offers of three account tiers with fees of $1,$2,$3, respectively. It doesn’t charge any fees otherwise.

Acorns focus on ETF portfolios. So you have to maintain a good portfolio. In simple words, you can’t sell or buy single stock and hence you have to select stocks and maintain them.

So this app is totally suitable for students and beginners. It will help them to build and maintain portfolios of investments. There is an option of saving, investing, spending, and earning with the Acorns spend feature. There are also Tex benefits with other features such as Acorns Later.

So you can easily save for retirement with the use of an app. You can invest with a minimum amount of $3 per day. Hence this is really a good investing app with useful features.

3. Robinhood

The above investing apps are totally suitable for beginners. This app is regulated by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). Hence be rest assured that your data will be completely protected from unwanted situations.

So now we are going to talk about Robinhood investing apps that are suitable for experienced people. In this app, you easily get to view the total listing of assets, cryptocurrencies, stocks to ETFs, etc.

You can also switch to a premium account called Robinhood Gold and a broker trades for your account. There is also no rule for minimum balance in its standard account.

There is also educational content on investing for people. So you can get the right information about investing and make the right decision. You don’t need to pay any fees for selling and buying assets.

4. Investing.com

This investing app is available for Android and iOS users. It has over 10 millions+ downloads. It has live quotes and charts for over 100,00 financial instruments and is traded on more than 70 global exchanges.

You can also add a watchlist widget to your home screen and also track your favorite holdings. It also has very useful tools such as economic calendars, breaking news, portfolio, watchlists, stock alerts, etc. This app is used by top traders and investors. There is a wonderful alert system that keeps you updated with any announcements and economic events.

You can read about stocks, currencies, etc with ease. You also get many useful financial tools such as currency converter, advanced charts with this app.

5. Stockpile

This app is perfect for beginners out there in the investing market. This app is also available for Android users as well as iOS users. This app allows you to track the performance of your purchased ETFs and stocks. Stockpile charges $0.99 per trade for purchasing stocks and $0.99 per trade for selling stocks.

You can buy fractional shares of stock too instead of buying a complete stock. So there is a lot of flexibility provided by this app. You can view stocks, ADR ( American depositary receipt), and ETFs. The thing that you should remember is that you won’t see any other assets such as indexes, bonds, etc here. Hence you should keep this in mind while using this app.

6. UNest

This investing app is also available for both Android and iOS users. This app is perfect for saving money and investing in your kid’s future. So let’s know about this app in detail. You can also build a tax-free college fund with time and management.

This app charges $3 per month to maintain and organize college savings. Hence this app is a great option for saving and investing money. You can set a goal and then select an amount for each month.

You also get the help of a UNest feature that is a college savings calculator for this purpose. Hence with the help of this app, you can view and manage transactions, funds, etc without any complications.

7. Fidelity Investment

This app is also a trusted investing app. This app is known to be very useful for traders, retirement investors, options trading, etc. This app is also suitable for beginners.

You will be glad to know that the customer service of this app is trusted, strong, and quick. This app also provides $0 trading commissions. Hence beginners should try this app for sure. You can invest in stocks, health savings accounts, and bonds, trading, fixed income, and many more.

It makes investing with fractional shares super easy and quick. It gives you real-time quotes, news, charts, podcasts, market insights, economic insights, videos on your mobile screen.

8. Penny Stocks

This app is compatible with Android and iOS. The interface of this app is super simple to understand and to work with. As the name suggests, this app is mostly used by penny stock traders. The data on this app is not live data but based on the end-of-the-day data.

You can easily filter the penny stocks by volume and stock price. Penny stocks investments are usually considered to be risky. Right decisions can give you lots of money and wrong decisions will make you lose them. Hence you should know how to handle penny stocks and make the right decisions.


New technologies are making everything easy and uncomplicated. The same goes for investing apps. Investing apps make your investment super easy with the use of a phone. The right investing apps will make everything better for you. You should also have some basic knowledge about investments and the investing process.

It is important to just make sure you know all the important stuff. Hence just try to read about all investing apps above and choose the most suitable one for yourself. I hope this article helps you in knowing about investing apps in an easy way.