15 Best Garage Sale Apps for Android and iOS

Best Garage Sale Apps for Android and iOS

Garage sale apps are now the ideal way to gets great deals on or off used items. Most of the garage sale or yard sale doesn’t get much publicity, so it is not easy to find such sale near you to land thrifty deals on certain items. And it is not easy to plan a garage sale whenever you have a bunch of stuff you want to sell-off.

TheseĀ garage sale apps help you to find any ongoing sale of items near you at any time from your Android or iOS device. Several garage sale apps are available on the internet and can be even downloaded for free. Despite so many apps on the market, it is not easy to find the perfect buyer or seller or get the best deal.

Best Garage Sale Apps for Android and iOS

So to help you, here is a list of the Top 15 garage sale apps/garage sale finder for all kind of Smartphone. With these apps, you can find the best bargains on your phone.

15 Best Garage Sale Apps/Yard Sale Apps for Android and iOS

The list of features may vary from app to app, but they all serve one purpose- to make it convenient and comfortable for both the buyers and sellers to use the app. All these apps provide a private chat service that helps the users to acquire any needed information directly from the buyer or seller before making a deal. The following apps are the best way for you to experience online garage sale!

1. VarageSale


VarageSale is considered to be one of the safest garage sale apps out there because of its strict policies. To be a buyer or seller on VarageSale, one needs to make an account on VarageSale, which again has to be linked to their Facebook account.

You can look at the real name and photo of the user. This helps one to determine whether the buyer/seller is genuine or not. On VarageSale, you can also browse through the categorized list of items like clothing, footwear, furniture, etc.

2. Listia

Listia - Best Garage Sale Apps

Listia has given the age-old barter system of trade a twirl of innovation and modernization and offers the unique way to buy/sell items online. Firstly you need to make an account on Listia. You can earn credits by listing the items that you don’t need or use anymore and give them away. Using these credits, you can bid on the items you want. The whole trading system provided by the app is money-free, which makes it so great.

The incredible feature of this app is that it has a geo-location feature. This feature shows you the list of item that any nearby user have posted for giving away.

3. Wallapop

Wallapop is similar to many of the garage sale apps available for iOS and Android users. You can post an item for sale by uploading a few pictures and details of it. The items you post will be available for the local buyers only.

What makes Wallapop stand out from the other apps is that it doesn’t charge the buyer for the delivery and has an excellent record of delivering the item fast and without damage. You can also find a house for rent and cars or sports equipment apart from the usual categories found in other apps. It also provides a recycling service.

4. Yard Sale

Yard Sale or Yard Sale Treasure Map helps its users to access the Craigslist garage sales via any mobile device. You can find any ongoing or forthcoming yard sales in your locality. It also gives you the locations of these sales on the map.

You can browse through the item-list, photos, and directions of the yard sales. It also provides you with a cloud storage service so that you can access the information anytime from your phone. You can search for products by using keywords, location, posted daily, and distance also.

By creating a craigslist garage sale listing, you can put your product up for sale. They provide outstanding customer service, which helps the user by posting their ads online.

5. 5miles

5miles is the highest rated free and easy to use local marketplace app available online. To buy/sell an item on 5miles, it is required to sign in or log in using your email id or Facebook ID. This makes it a very safe and secure online app.

You can post photos and videos to post an ad on 5miles, and you can also share your posed ad via Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking sites and also via Email and messaging services.

6. Letgo

Letgo helps you to buy/sell items in just a few seconds. You will discover a large variety of items put into different categories such as automobiles, games, clothes, etc., by its artificial intelligence, which makes it quicker and easier to find any item.

7. KSL Classifieds

It is a popular and classified yard/garage sale app for your phone. It is easy to use the android and iOS app to access the classified marketplace. You can edit and make your video by using photos and a few descriptive lines about the item you want to sell so that the buyer can gain substantial knowledge about the condition of the item before buying.

Alongside buying/selling items, KSL Classifieds can also be used to find jobs by posting your resume online on your profile.

8. OfferUp

It is one of the most popular and high rated garage sale apps that the Google app store has to offer. This is the perfect app to sell and buy a used item to/from people in your locality. It has a secure messaging option, which helps to establish communication between the buyer and seller. You can sort and browse through the items by keywords, image, location, etc.

9. TallySheet

If you want to sell any used or unneeded items of yours, TallySheet is the most user-friendly and straightforward app to do so. It is fast and has the most usable interface. It allows you to take pictures of the items you want to sell with a 3D Camera application and upload them directly to the app.

10. Garage Sales by Map

Garages Sales By Maps helps you find the best garage/yard and estate sales near you posted on different classified sites and apps. You can chat with the buyer/seller using the app free of cost. The items displayed are well categorized and can be filtered using different filter options. The app helps you to find directions to the nearby sales on the map using GPS.


It is a useful app to sell/buy old items at a reasonable price. It is compatible with all android and iOS devices. You can get the location of the garage/yard sale nearby, enabling GPS on the app along with the start/end time of the sale. The items posted can be filtered by posting date and other options.

12. CPlus

CPlus is an app that uses geo-location technology to buy and sell used goods from other users. It also allows looking for items on sale from different cities and locations. You can search for multiple items at the same time on this app. It different viewing modes- you can search items with description, by photo view, a map view, etc.

13. Bookoo

Bookoo is another free and user-friendly garage sale app for your phone. It is perfect for buying/selling old products online in a friendly community. You can chat and set up a meeting in-person to buy or sell the item directly to/from another user.

14. Vintage

Vintage is a unique local online market app. It is prevalent among the people who have a knack for aged or vintage items. Many bloggers and websites have praised this app for its wide variety of items for sale. You can find vintage household items, furniture, retro games, and age-old electronics among the listed things.

But it is most famous for buying/selling vintage clothing items. It is the best and fast way to discover good bargain deals on used items in your local area.

15. HoardNot

You can not only buy/sell different pre-owned items on HoardNot, but you can also find a sale on events near you. By enabling the GPS, you can get driving directions to any nearby events in your locality. This app also lets you chat with the buyer/seller anonymously.

TechVeco’s Conclusion

There are many more Garage Sale apps available online. But the applications mentioned above may help you have excellent experience buying/selling items online.