9 Best File Sharing Apps for Android


File sharing is an important aspect of every device. In the digital era, almost everything is done online everywhere. File sharing is needed even in a mobile phone as well as in complex and big organizations.

We often need to share important files with our friends and with other people in our daily life. So it is important to have good file-sharing apps that can help us. Hence today, we are going to present the 9 best file sharing apps for Android. We are bringing the best file-sharing apps with the best features available. We have focused on apps that are safe and comfortable to work with.

These apps are super easy and safe to use. Loaded with lots of features, these apps will surely improve your daily basis file sharing experience. These file sharing apps will easily transfer data to multiple devices without any interruptions.

9 Best File Sharing Apps for Android

1. JioSwitch

The first app in our 9 best file-sharing apps for Android is JioSwitch. It is made by Reliance and it uses Wi-Fi or hot-spot for transferring data. It can be used by Android users as well as iOS users. You can transfer data from Android mobile to iPhone and vice versa.

It also saves your data as it works without the internet. The plus point of this app is that it doesn’t have any ad pop-ups. It is super fast and has no limit size for transferring.

You can transfer data to Android phones as well as to iPhones. It has over 10 million + downloads, and surely it is trusted by users.

2. Files Go by Google

It has over 1 billion + downloads, and hence it is trusted worldwide by users.  In simple words, you can use this app for sharing files offline, cleaning your phone, and for finding files. It is like a good management app. You can share pictures, videos, files, apps with others near you at the speed of 480 Mbps.

The only condition is that other people should also have this app. The speed is fantastic and super fast and doesn’t need the internet. You can also free up space by clearing cache, old photos, etc. by few taps.

You can also check your space and get important recommendations related to space and files. You can find files super fast and even backup to the Cloud for forever safety. So overall this app is a fantastic app for file management and sharing.

3. Portal

Portal is used for transferring files from your computer to your Android phone. There are no ads on Portal. Transferring files is as easy as drag and drop. You need a Wi-Fi connection for transferring files.

Hence the files are transferred with super fast speed. You can quickly transfer individual files, folders, and multiple files. You don’t have to install software on a PC. Instead, you have to scan a QR code by going on their website. Android 5.0 or later devices can also save files on SD cards.

4. AirDriod

This app helps you to manage the phone from a computer remotely. You can easily manage your calls, messages, etc., on your PC. This app helps transfer files across platforms like Linux, Windows, Mac, mobile devices, remotely or on the same network.

You can also mirror your Android devices to a PC. It is done wireless, and so you can have full control of your devices. You can find the phone by tracking and also backup and sync from phone to computer. You can quickly transfer and share files from Android to PC and vice versa.

5. Zapya

You can transfer files across all platforms by using Zapya. You can transfer files online and even offline. You can share large files as there are no limits on data files for transferring. There are four ways of transferring data. You can send files nearby, generate a personalized QR code, connect to devices by shaking, and lastly, create a group.

You can transfer files from iOS devices, Android devices to your PC without the internet. You can also backup your data on other phones and customize it for fast transferring speed. You can also transfer data from your old device to the new device. You can also share files all around the world.

6. Send Anywhere

It is used for unlimited file transfers. It can be used for Android, PC as well as iOS. The plus point is that you can share files without altering the original file at all. There is no need for the internet for transferring.

You only need a one-time 6 digits key for the super safe and secure transferring of files. There is also a 256 bit reinforced file encryption for more safety. It is also suitable for cross platforms.

7. Firefox Send

It is actually a new file-sharing app. As the name suggests, it is made by the makers of Firefox. The important thing to know is that it is currently in the beta stage. Hence you need to have a Firefox account and also need to sign up for beta entry.

You can start using this app after receiving the invitation. There is also a limit on the file-sharing size at a single time of 2.5 GB. It says that it uses end-to-end encryption. The link also expires after some time automatically. Hence we can conclude that safety and security are given special focus in this app.

8. TrebleShot

You can easily send and receive files without the internet. So you need to set up a hot spot and then connect it using a QR code. It works only with Android and is not suitable for cross platforms. You can pause and resume transfer even when something goes wrong.

You can share to multiple devices at one time. You can share folders with a single tap and work smoothly even on low-end devices. There are also advanced features like network change handling, and choosing network after speed measurement.

9. EasyJoin

EasyJoin is used for transferring data with end-to-end encryption. There is no limit on the transfer size.

You can quickly do peer-to-peer messaging to devices within the network without needing the internet. You can also manage your phone on your PC. For this, You can connect your phone to your PC by the help of the local network.

Hence you can reply to messages, calls, and phone notifications on your PC. Hence this app can also be used as a remote control. The important thing is that it is super safe to transfer files on this app.


I have tried to present the 9 best file sharing apps for Android in a super-easy way. Most of the apps given above come with many safety features. Hence the apps are safe to use. The apps are loaded with lots of features and don’t need the internet. Hence you must try these file-sharing apps for sure.

So read about all the apps above and then decide the most suitable file-sharing app for you. Please recommend any good file sharing app to us if you think we have missed it here.