10 Best Countdown Apps for Android & iOS in 2020

Countdown Apps for Android & iOS

To count backwards to zero, especially when leading to the start of an important event: you need Countdown Apps With only ten seconds until midnight, the crowd counted down to the beginning of the New Year. To countdown means to start from a point and end it up on zero. We all do countdowns. Countdowns are used by all of us, no matter whether it is an occasion birthday celebration of Christmas eve or new year.

In this app, you can organize according to your countdown events through categories and degrees of importance of the event in your life. This application also allows you to customize each countdown event with your personal background, record voice memos, which reflect your feelings.

Countdown Apps for Android & iOS

These apps are handy for all of us as we all have to celebrate some of the other things which require countdown. Not only count down is required in our occasions but also they are needed in our daily life like keeping the record or countdown of some food kept in the microwave.

Top 10 Event Countdown Apps for Android & iOS in 2020

Thus to make your life easy, we have got some best Countdown Apps in 2020 which are best known for the same.

1. Dream Day Countdown App

This is one of the best app used by the users in 2020; this app is mostly famous for its name as the name of this app is very attractive. It is made by one of the prominent developers. This is readily available on the play store and can be used frequently.

This is having one of the unique features that can countdown a large number; also, you can customize the background and make changes accordingly.

2. Countdown Widget

This is one of the best app used by the I phones’ users. This app is made for IOS and Available on APP STORE in Phone.

This is a perfect app for iPhone it will help you to set the countdown for all important moments of life this app allows you to choose the units which you want for each Count.

It also has a feature of repeating countdown it provides the feature of the widget which you can place on your home screen.

3. Final Countdown Widget

Well talking of widget, we cannot ignore the Android. This is one of the apps which comes with the feature of widget for iPhone as well as for Android.

It helps the user to make a widget on the home screen with the help of the visit the user can easily make a countdown without destroying the moment of his life.

You can easily count the year month week and days hours minutes and even seconds it includes more than 300 free HD background images.

Allowing you to share like customize countdown across your mobile through various social media platform like WhatsApp Google Plus Instagram etc.

4. Badge Countdown Pro

As iPhones are getting popularity, why did this is one of the countdown apps for the iPhone, it is easily available on the iOS App Store.

It enables the user to find out how many days are left to their important movements. It will help to import events and birthday from the calendar.

This app also synchronizes the calendar on your phone and also takes out the information related to birthday and other stuff so that the notification can be easily sent.

This app regularly notifies the use of the events and allowed to select Count On format. This app is one of the best app available for iOS on the Play Store in 2020.

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5. Countdown Days – App and Widget

This is one another countdown app available in widget it will help you to place the application on your home screen and allow you to make customization in the wizard.

This app countdown the day hours minutes and also the years it also includes bit collection of stickers and also allows users to place their own customize picture, which is a huge collection of pictures.

Other customize staff this app has the feature of daily weekly monthly and also yearly event invitation for countdown its shows the information bases of your countdown so that it can help you as a reminder tool. This is available for android devices.

6. Countdown Widget

Countdown widget is one of another app which is the countdown app that comes for the Android. This app is easily available on the Google Play Store.

There are multiple users available today using this app; this is one of the best countdown apps in 2020; this app offers four by 1 and 551 dynamic widgets.

Its features multiple countdowns in single time this is the speciality of this app that it can feature the multiple countdowns at a single time.

This great app will countdown your Anniversary Both is or any other important events it includes the variety of unit in order to measure your account.

With that said, it also provides an option to choose different Phrases and provide you with the option to choose from Lovely default images.

7. Countdown Days

Countdown days will count your events and will start counting was the event arrived this app also send you to push notification in order to remind you for the event.

It also allows you to personalize your account with your favourite colour; it is also available in the form of wicked and of a dynamic user range of fonts and images.

By default this app also allows you to decide which days to count whether working days or Sundays. In short, you can say that it is having a small artificial intelligence type of feature this app is easily available on the Android play store.

8. Big Days – Event Countdown

Big days event countdown is one of another app that is available on the Play Store of your Android mobiles. It allows you to make a countdown of your precious moments.

This app allows you to select event image id from your camera or gallery also you can search it online this app will create a special countdown notification for each event.

It also allows you to select favourite even display in the startups. This is one of the very famous apps which is popular among the youth as it allows you to put images for your events available on pixabay.


As its name beautiful countdown it is one of the Countdown apps available on the Play Store of your Android devices. It allows users to set a timer, and it will show off how many seconds minutes hours working days and weeks or months.

It shows how many days are left until the event comes it allows you to create many counters and ones, and this is one of the special features this app allows to operate twitch users.

10. Large Countdown Timer

Last but not least, the large countdown timer is one of another app has been used for the Android users available on the PlayStore.

It allows its user to take account of their special and precious moments it allows to display a very last digit which is readable from a distance.

This app provides you with are snooze button and also a variety of features which is available so that you can set the timer for the countdown for your special events and precious moments.

One of the special features this app has to offer is its rupees and snooze button on the Alert. It also has a proximity sensor that prevents wake up in the pocket.

TechVeco’s Conclusion

Thus there are several apps available in the Play Store and iOS App Store nowadays to make the countdown. The top listed 10 apps were the most demanded and famous as in 2020. It is available on the Play Store and iOS App Store.

So these were the top 10 countdown timer apps which also offers a variety of features to its user to make their events more comfortable and easy hope you like this article.