10 Best CMovies Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

CMovies Alternatives

CMovies is the most known website used for streaming movies, web shows, and TV shows for free of cost. Users are just required to create a CMovies account, and they are free to enjoy streaming. It offers a massive collection of movies and shows with several different genres. The website avails all types of content for adults as well as for children.

CMovies directs the users to third party websites as it does not have its storage. Sometimes, you may have any issues with the website and you some similar websites to visit for streaming free movies and TV shows. In some EU countries and Western countries, online streaming can be illegal. So you should know the alternatives of CMovies for easy streaming.

10 Best CMovies Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

We have listed a few streaming websites similar to CMovies. All these websites will offer you the best filmic fulfillments. You can watch all the classics and b movies on these websites easily. There are some differences among these websites, but all websites will offer the same services.

Here is the list of best 10 sites that are similar to CMovies. Read about their descriptions carefully to enjoy free streaming:

1. GoMovies

GoMovies is one of the best alternatives to CMovies for streaming new movies online for free. It had many embodiments. One of those is 123movies. This website is very much similar to Netflix. This platform offers a lot of stuff for a sensible movie watcher. The interface of GoMovies is very simple and easy to use.

GoMovies has an attractive library consisting of a huge collection of movies and TV shows. Also, the movies streaming on the websites display the attractive subtitles that gather more users. The subtitles of various movies and TV shows are mostly in European and Asian languages that makes watching movies very easy.

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2. YesMovies

YesMovies is another best website, similar to CMovies. It offers the service like other websites that provides torrent amenities for watching the movies or shows. Currently, it is a new website available on the internet. Hence, YesMovies is still not obstructed in several western countries.

Undoubtedly, YesMovies is an appealingly attractive and astonishing website among all the other alternatives. The interface of this website is very stylish, updated, and it works with great smoothness. We mostly recommend this website to the users who are attracted to browsing to more movies. All the thumbnails of the movies available on this website label the quality of the movie.

3. Putlocker

The first and unique Putlocker website is very popular for streaming purposes. Putlocker has launched about 8 years ago. Currently, it offers the service as the main data provider to several other streaming platforms. The website is very well safe and secures to use for watching free movies online.

Putlocker is a very simple platform that is very easy to use and maintain. This platform is the best alternative to CMovies and displays lots of important information regarding the movies, such as summary, IMDB page, other versions of the same movie.  Also, it provides an unmatchable database regarding old and new movies.

4. FMovies

FMovies is another best alternative website similar to CMovies. The website is very much famous and popular among the users. Along with this, it has a very unique and attractive interface that attracts lots of new users. This website is very simple and easy to handle for streaming and watching online movies and TV shows for free.

Along with the convenience, the FMovies has a reputable database for the users. Also, this alternative provides an appealingly attractive display to attract a large number of users. This is the reason that FMovies has an enormous number of fans.

5. Movie4K

Movie4K is another best alternative site available for users to stream movies and TV shows online. This website is very much similar to the biggest streaming website once available for free streaming, namely Alluc, which is currently shut down. Movie4K.is the website offers all the information regarding the movies to its users?

The users can easily sort and modify the lists of their movies for further watching. The user gets different choices of sorting movies from its release year to the duration time of the movie. This platform offers different content of different genres for children as well as for 18+ adults.

6. StreamDor

StreamDor is another popular website similar to CMovies. This platform offers services as YouTube Streaming feels like. The database of StreamDor is huge and provides different genres. It has a well-organized and well-managed interface that consists of more than 15000 thousand movies.

StreamDor is legal all over the world and available for the responsible users as this website allows and permits YouTube Streams. YouTube offers all the legal services; hence StreamDor is not banned or restricted in many countries around the world.

7. Niter

Niter is very much similar to CMovies and its other alternative websites like FMovies. However, this website displays a lot of ads that sometimes make you feel annoyed. As you have to click on the ad pop-ups to cancel them. So, you can easily stream for your movies. The impatient users will not find it appropriate.

Once you have dealt with the ads, you will enjoy the real streaming on this platform. Mostly, Niter focuses on the latest movies and avails them of high quality. If you have enough patients to deal with the ads, Niter will be proved to be the best streaming website for you.

8. Kingmovies

Kingmovies is also the best alternative for CMovies. In recent years, this website becomes very popular as it has a rapid increase in the number of visitors. Also, it is going well on social media. This website is a way different from the other alternatives of CMovies. Also, it has some unique and interesting tools.

King movies display a sidebar that shows the current streaming. Moreover, this platform displays the appropriate video quality to all its users as per their requirements. The interface of the website is user-friendly and displays the shows other users are watching. Also, you will receive little movie request acknowledgement on the sidebar.

9. ProjectFreeTV

ProjectFreeTV website is quite an old alternative platform for streaming online movies for free.  If in the last 10 to 12 years, you have searched for a free streaming website, you may have encountered ProjectFreeTV for at least once. This platform has a huge number of visitors of about a hundred million, counted every year.

ProjectFreeTV offers an immense base of movies and avails an interesting search feature consisting of some twists and filters. The only demerit we found on ProjectFreeTV website that it is a traditional platform; hence it does not completely satisfy the modern users. This website was last updated around 2006.

10. Watch Online

Watch Online is the best website for users who do not want ads while streaming. Also, it is the best alternative for CMovies to streaming the latest movies and shows online for free. watch online has enthusiastic fans and a large list of movies. You can easily watch all the movies on your smartphones.


We have listed the top 10 best CMovies alternatives that you can use. You can read all about them and let us know your views. You can enjoy streaming using the websites mentioned above. If you have any queries, do let us know in the comment sections below.