10 Alternatives to ChatStep

Alternatives to ChatStep

What is ChatStep? Probably you have heard of this term. ChatStep is an online platform where people can connect and exchange their interests through engaging conversations. A few years ago, online chatrooms were at boom because social media networks didn’t have as considerable influence as they do now. But ChatStep has created its monopoly due to its reliable and large chatrooms where different users could register and get to know each other.

This chat portal is very famous in the USA, India, and other countries. You can even create your chatrooms where other users sharing similar interests could join both large and private chatrooms.

ChatStep has always evolved by continuous up-gradation of its algorithm, added, and improved its encryptions, making this website safer for others to use.

But now ChatStep is no longer in existence and unavailable for new registrations. Hence, we require other alternatives. So here in this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 ChatStep alternatives.

List of Best Chatstep Alternatives

The level of privacy and anonymity is highest in the case of Omegle. Also, you will get the facility to select the chat type that you would like to use. Users can even make the selection between normal text chat or video chat. The service provided by Omegle is free of cost, and it is an ideal choice for video chatting, video call, or just chatting.

  • E-chat

It offers a lot of chat rooms where the chat lovers can talk online with each other without any cumbersome registration process. This online chat portal tops our list because of its great feature to maintain the anonymity of the user. So, if you are interested in an alternative for ChatStep that comes with only chat options along with free access to any anonymity, then E-chat is your ultimate choice. So, chat privately with your best friends or lover. It is highly trustworthy, so you don’t need to feel concerned about someone peeping into your messages.

You can also meet with the people who have the same interests as that of you. All chat rooms are highly responsive that requires no plugin and works without the installation of the Java and Flash Player as well.

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  • Mesh

It is in the list of the most private and well-secured chat rooms, along with assured reliability. People call it as the most trusted ChatStep alternatives. It boasts complete anonymity, and also chat messages are entirely encrypted, which helps to prevent trespassing a user’s chat space. The cracking of code becomes more rigid because of its P2P connection, So now stop worrying about all of your secret conversations.

  • Chatzy

It is one of the most favourite choices of its users because of its excellent features like free cost and ad-free services. The straight forward application is very easy to run as it is compatible with many browsers. It is a free and private chat room that allows its users to create their dedicated chat rooms and invite other people by email for endless chats. There is no problem with experiencing annoying ads that crop up all over in chat rooms. Also, our users are loaded with multiple options, including virtual rooms, my rooms, public rooms, etc.

Even you can start chatting with people who are your acquaintance or visitors to your website or blog. This invitation element becomes a big problem no one can join the chat if they have not been requested by you to start chatting.

  • Riot.im

It has so much fun factor along with tight security. The users get a wide variety of services like a messaging, meeting, and getting to know new people online. An open-sourced chatting platform available on the web.

It boasts both public and private chatrooms along with some live forums where users can make suggestions and ask questions. The other features are public and private messaging, file-sharing, voice, and video conferences, which work as beta features on Android and the web.

It is also suitable for developers as GitHub integration allows the users to discuss their projects or negotiate a new job with a client online.

Still, some of the problems our users will face Files sometimes files don’t upload in the correct size, slow chatroom searching, the text is pasted twice while copying and pasting, etc.

  • Chat IW

This platform serves as the best alternatives for singles because it is designed to help you meet new people and learn more about them. The only thing that you have to do is- fill required details about yourself on the home page, and then you will be placed under a group of users near you. It provides you the maximum functionality that simplifies your search and allows real-time discussion. Here you can find your soul mate and build relationships very quickly. Along with this, it comes with a modern interface that is 100% free and reliable features.

One crucial discussion has to be made that if you want to meet and chat with someone special, then you have to sign up with an email address. Once logged in, you can enjoy limitless features like sending and receiving unlimited text messages, multimedia messages, and send locations.

  • Chat Secure

This chatting platform is completely decentralized with the highest level of security and privacy due to OTR encryption over XMPP. Here users talk to each other in private chatrooms and join existing-ones. The registration process is very simple. Even Google accounts are also offered for registration.

Due to XMPP servers, you can run the Tor browser along with functionalities to connect to other servers also. Because of its high security, it is the perfect choice for users of the digital age. Even you can create your private chat room, which is highly secured.

This app is only available for the IOS that is a significant factor for the negative sentiment among its users.

  • Tox

It is Skype’s buggy environment targeted towards safety and security where your conversations are highly encrypted, which is attributed to its decentralized P2P software. It is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and others and all the services are free due to its open-source nature.

The features are endless to explore where you can create private and group chatrooms and have a discourse in complete privacy. Other features include a filesharing feature, audio-recording, as well as voice and video calls in good quality.

The mobile versions of the app aren’t entirely stable, which tend to corrupt and crash.

  • Z Chat

With the help of Z chat, you can collaborate and witness unique chat experience with people across the globe. The interface is clean, user-friendly, and decent-looking, and you will get guidance on how to use the site on their website correctly. The customer support system is very active. One point is to be noted about its security that your data is stored on your database, and you are protected from any kind of online abuse or spam.

  • OMG Chat

The sole purpose of OMG Chat is to meet each other online. It has a community of over three million users, and a significant number of users are always online. The community base is wide and has a diverse range of interests, the point of view and culture. So, you can meet new people, create private chatrooms, and join larger public chatrooms targeted towards different interests.

Here you can enjoy both voice and video chatting, which is open all the time with strangers and with people you know. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay dues, memberships, etc.

If you are looking for temporary entertainment with someone to talk, then you can make video calls, voice calls, share media, and chat. The best thing is that you don’t require any registration. Also, it would be best if you were 18+ to visit the website because of potential adult content.


Ultimately, we are a human being who is social, and the urge for communication can never end. Since life begins on earth, we have been using various modes of communication, including sign language and then writing to online. The technological advancement is giving rise to multiple communication channels online.

There was a time when we had desktop-based software, then we moved to mobile apps and then social media platforms. Now we have a large number of channels for performing day to day conversation and even holding official meetings as well.

So it would help if you certainly tried out these alternative chatting portal. The only thing you need to take care of is adult content that is widespread in these chatting rooms.