10 Best Tumblr Alternatives You Can Use

Tumblr Alternatives

The emergence of technology and the need to communicate and uplift certain ideologies comes with effective communication. Nevertheless, today’s technical wold has supposedly earned our respect as it has enabled us to share out thoughts and ideas using different platforms over a video call, chat voicemail, and the list does not end. But what when we need to hare our ideas and give an unbiased perfect shape to it? What if we are in an utter need to put something alluring that stands out to be different? What if we want to reach out to the entire world using our thoughts and mind terrorizing ideas? For this, there is not much to worry coz there could be no better platform than Tumblr. Here we could use animations, graphics, words, and many more decoratives to put our mind-blowing thoughts on life.

Today we will be discussing the best Tumblr alternatives of 2020.

A detailed description of each of them:

Best Tumblr Alternatives

1. WordPress

To talk about it, it is very popular. People might not know about Tumblr, but they have heard about word[ress. It is also known to be a very reliable source. The features here are strong, and its administration is excellent. He ones who are looking to start with blogging should go and opt for it. It also focuses more on monetization. Now to talk about some of the demerits, if your blog is filled with multiple plugins or scripts, it will be complacent. The web-based post editor here could not claim to be the best of all.

2. Blogger

For your information, if you want to be a blogger but not the regular one, I will have to admit that this is the best suited to you. And if you are the one who is not willing to send on custom templates and, of course, hosting for the matter, then blindly follow thus. To talk bout its pros, it is backed by Google, and the set up is extremely easy, involving zero complacencies. If you want the monetization or the process of monetization to be easily done, then use Adsense integration. It is not scalable; unfortunately has restricted customization too.

3. Soup

if you are a fresher in the field of blogging and are not much acquainted with the entire process in detail, then go for it. It best suits those whose content is not original and seem to make copied or an already existing content in another way. It is similar to tumblr if we particularly are to emphasize the features. Moreover, it has fairly good customization and custom CSS editing. You also have an option of auto-posting via email. Now to talk about its demerits, it looks not so polished and advances. It does not support monetization too.

4. Medium

If you want to make a career in blogging and are willing to write serious content upholding great quality, then you must try this out. If you are also looking for an effective interaction based on posts, it proves to be the best. It’s of high quality, and you could also go for posting your content in a private mode, whereas the public option entirely depends on you. Now to particularly talk about its demerits, it is highly restricted with zero customization. There is also no google analytics support with the same, which is counted s the most negative aspect of the same.

5. Mastodon

A blogger or a social media network that considers ads to be boring enough to divert the attention of the audience towards another page has the complete right to go with such an option. Initially, when you start, it might seem to you that the platform is a bot complicate and puzzling, but please do not panic as it does not qualify to be either of these. It is decentralized in nature and has a large community. It is thus free of ads and also has a non- algorithmic feed.

6. Posthaven

Undoubtedly you will have to pay for it to us the platform. Before you pay for the same, let me acquaint you with the fact that it does not offer you a very high and decorative service rather simple and subtle. It is reliable and easy to use. Those who wish to support an upcoming platform can also go with the same. Features here are also not so large in number, and it is minimal. To talk here about future goals, it includes permanent post links even if the users are not willing to pay and, in the end, finally stop paying. To talk bout the demerits, the information present on this platform could be sparse too, and there is nothing about monetization here.

7. Ghost

If you are a blogger and completely disparage the idea of formatting the content too much, then this is just right for you. It’s set up has proved to be very easy, and it is also easy to use. It is fast, and in terms of responding, it turns out to be so well. The dashboard is excellent and powerful, and there is a presence of real-time automatic formatting. You can also collaborate your post and then set up the content her but keep in mind that the hosted plans are not always the cheapest, and the platform is still in the developing mode.

8. Typepad

It is an established platform, so the bloggers who aim at looking for a well developed and established platform then go with the same. It is also reliable and easy to use and, as mentioned above, is already developed. You also have the advantage of importing the posts from WordPress to here. You will feel the presence of map custom domains here. Also, it is not that extensive if we have a comparative study of it with WordPress.

9. Site 123

For people who are passionate about creating a blog and want to work more and emphasize the better quality, this will be the best. But unfortunately, here you will not come across many pro tools, and the customization is also not good enough. But when it comes to using it, it is very easy to use and has a large collection of templates. There is a handy website builder, and there is always an option to use a custom domain name for online business.

10. DevianArt

People who have a keen interest in artwork and are the great designers and artists should be using this platform to exhibit their right skills, for I believe that there is no better platform then this which could thoroughly satisfy the need of great exhibition place fir their respective skills. It is a great platform to share the artwork, and there are a variety of artworks that could be explored using the platform. The an-fiction here is also interesting and amazing. But the pro tools here for blogging are not present here. There is the adequacy of the same. But on the other hand, it is also quite limited to sharing and exploring an artwork.


So, these were some of the best Tumblr alternatives for bloggers. Some require you to pay for the advanced features when others don’t. Something compatible for you should be your only option as there are people who re not often into blogging, and then there are some who have opted for blogging as their profession. So these were the top-rated platforms. I hope this article helps.

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