10 Best Music Torrent Sites of 2020

Best Music Torrent Sites

Music has now become an integral part of everyone’s life. People have heard of music no matter what and in between this great hustle and bustle of life, all we have is Music to rely on. From kids to teenagers, adults to elders everyone loves and depends on one or the other form of music.

In other words, it has become an inordinate part of our life. Now talking about music enthusiasts you would be happy to know that today we are here to introduce you to some best music torrent sites for 2020.

Giving a slight introduction about torrents, mostly everyone uses it and for those who don’t, it is a great boon as it helps people to download games, movies, ebooks, and whatnot. Many a thing that you hardly find causally is mostly available through torrent.

Note: one thing that is to be kept in mind is that in many countries these torrent sites have been blocked. These countries include Portugal, Saudi Arabia, and India as well. Others in the lost are the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Morocco.

Best Music Torrent Sites

Here is a brief description of each of them:

  • The Pirate Bay:

For your information, it is one of the most popular music torrent sites. It enables you to download all sorts of music that too at a very high speed. To highlight more on its merits, it also enables you to download movies, games, software, T.V. shows, and also a high-quality FLAC format music.

But unfortunately, it is found to be blocked in several countries and regions. It might be blocked in your country as well. If it is the case do not worry as there are several other alternatives to it.

Using this site you can search for your favorite music. This site has various artists and you may be successful looking for yours. It has many albums, music, compilations, and band. To your surprise, it also has a Lossless audio section which many other torrent sites do not have.

To highlight its advantages, it also has several music videos and recommends many other newly introduced ones while you are using the site. You would anyways find a recommendation for a newly released album or song. Also to not hide the disadvantage, it shuts down a lot but anyways we have others as well.

  • 1337X:

It is considered to be one among the most pirated torrent sites. Yes, doesn’t it sound weird? But the fact is it is still in demand. Using this you can search for any type of song you wish to hear. To highlight its merits, apart from music it also allows you to download HD movies, videos, and TV. Shows.

It has been successful in maintaining its name in the top 5 most pirated torrent sites. To also highlight its disadvantages, it was reported to have a lot of adult content and violence due to which it has been blocked in many countries.

  • Torlock:

It is also a fair named Torrent site. It is a search engine type that enables you to download most of the music for free. Apart from music it also lets users download, videos, games, ebooks, T.V shows.

It can be used to download music but it is mostly used to download HD movies and T.V. shows. It allows you to freely get access to most of the content but not all. Moreover, it has been banned in India and also in Australia and the United Kingdom.

  • org:

The first and foremost thing that should be informed about this music torrent site is, it has been blocked by the Russian government. Using this you can download plenty of music albums or songs or videos. It also facilitates the download of TV Shows, games, e-books and movies and other plenty of torrent files.

When the Russian authorities blocked it, it severely affected a lot of mobile users. However, the ones with PC still use it anyway. It would also be surprising to know that it is so popular that only 7-10 % of the usage of it has been declined since the blockade.

  • Co:

One of the exciting things about it is that it is a new and upgraded version of Kickass Torrent. In 2016 it was reported that the Kickass torrent went down but the original designers decided not to sit back and let it happen.

They designed this which not only offered access to music for free but also enables the download of e-books, music albums, TV shows, and even anime. Another exciting feature about it is, it would provide music of all generations from top to bottom. So just go for it if it has not been blocked from your country. For the rest, you may refer below.

  • Seedpeer:

It has also registered its name in the list of best torrent sites. Something that is to be noted about it is that it is a decade old. Yes ! you heard it right! It is an upgraded version of Meganova.

It has an entire section for music and only aims at displaying the verified torrents. To highlight its merits, it also gives you access to anime, music, e-books, movies. Another thing to reflect upon is, it also gives you access to the adult content.

  • iDope:

To start with its advantage, it is one of the easiest and incomplex torrent sites. It has a search bar through which you could search for anything. It is mostly like search engine types. It has an entirely different section of music through which you could download your favorite songs.

Besides, it also provides access to animes, T.V. shows, movies E-books and thigs of similar sorts. Another advantage is it does not track your browsing history. It does not look into the search history which very few torrent sites do. Furthermore, it is also not blocked in many countries. So you may go for this, to download your stuff

  • Torrent 9:

It is one of the most-loved torrent sites as it regularly updates newly launched movies. To be honest, it is adored because of Movie enthusiasts and not music. But still, it is multifunctional hence it allows you to download anime, software, e-books, and music as well.

It is considered to be one of the most reliable torrent websites. It is also said to offer verified torrents thus it is considered highly reliable. If another torrent site like Torrentz 2 is blocked you can blindly go for Torrent 9

  • me:

It is also like a sech engine. It helps you to download music, books, software, anime, videos. However, it is not considered one of the solid music providers. There is various content available and you may get access to the files on various private tackers through its help.

It is also said to have used Torrents.io. You can look for your content. One exciting feature about this is, it is said to track 1337x RarBG and also other popular sources.


So these were some of the best music torrent sites. Each one has its specialty and if you are looking forward to downloading the unavailable files you may use one of them. However, the major concern is many out of these have been blocked in several nations including India.

But several are not, so you may look for your favorite music, albums, animes, movies, adult content, e-books using the available ones. So here was the solution to download all those files that are simply unavailable for download on google. Hope this article had been meaningful and helpful to you.

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