10 Best Alternatives to KissAnime in 2021


The KissAnime might not be that popular but the lovers of movies, serials, games, and animes are no stranger to it. If not Kissanime then you all might be well aware of what an anime is. These days the fanatical and unbalanced craze of animes has created wider space for people behind it. There are animes under different genres, functioning to entertain its fand and gain sublimity.

Now to talk about Kissanime, various websites offer you some amazing options like download or watch any movies, shows, and animes. These sites are an ultimate relief for the lovers of such sorts as it lets them have access to their favorite show without much complacency. There are some out there which even enables you to download the show or an anime completely free of cost, but if only you have all the necessary knowledge and information concerning it.

The Need for alternatives to KissAnime:

It would be no wrong to say that these days a substitute or alternative is better preferred for anything let alone for the anime thing. These alternatives act as a savior ina t times of need.

Similarly, the alternatives to Kissnaimes are necessary as, for the past few years, Kissaternatives users have been complaining of servers going down untimely and unpredictably. These technological glitches have led to less popularity followed by a negative stream of opinions concerning kissanime alternatives.

Our experts in the industry are back again with another life savior hack for the anime lovers. Below there is a list of alternative sites to watch anime online:

To know briefly about each of these, do follow the article below.

Top 10 KissAnime Alternatives to Enjoy Anime Online

1. Anime-Planet

One of the best KissAnime alternatives. It has a vast library of around 45000 legal anime episodes. The home page consists of several sections like the newest anime recommendations, popular manga for the current weak, and so on. This site has been commendable not only for the name but also for manga.

Its vast library enables you to have access to various animes and mangas and simultaneously lets you download them that too completely free. It has also been one of the oldest sites as it was launched in 2001. You may pay a visit to the site and examine it for yourself to check the intensity of the truth.

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2. Crunchyroll

After Anime-Planet if there is something you can turn to then it is undoubtedly Crunchyroll. It is not too old to be counted on but it has been more than ten years since the platform came into existence and still serving customers and fans of anime and manga with its outrageous quality. It was discovered back in 2006 and is also known for entertaining the fans with its most popular and admired Dorama show which is a Japanese television drama. To talk about the length of its library, it contains 900 series of 25000 or more episodes.

3. Anime Lab

It is completely free of cost and mostly Similar to the Kissanime website. It is advantageous for enthusiastic and dedicated manga and anime fans who tend to browse the new or upcoming series in the list every day. It keeps all the new and most popular series in one place and provides full-fledged episodes of the same.

The anime lovers are going to love the site more than anything for its flexibility and their decreased responsibility for browsing the new and most popular shows for hours or looking for the complete episodes of the series. Unfortunately, people in New Zealand and Australia are only blessed to have this but why worry when you have a VPN installed?

4. Chia-Anime

It is another free website allowing you to have access to manga and anime for free. Do not judge the quality of the website by reading the word free otherwise you might go astray. Despite being free it enables you to download high-quality anime videos.

The original language here is Japanese but you do not have to worry as the site never fails t please us, all its episodes are available in English as well. Through this, you can enjoy, shows, movies, soundtracks, drama, and more.

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5. Anime Freak

The largest database of anime and manga as the site claims. It is trustworthy and you can feel like visiting this every day once you come across it. The highlight of this site is the variety it has to offer.

You will see series and manga under different genres such as horror, romance, humor, mystery and suspense, infidelity, and so on. You will see a large organized section containing subsections such as lastest episodes, ongoing anime, popular anime, browse by genre, and so on.

6. GoGo Anime

It is also free of cost and is said to contain all the latest animes and movies or shows. To give you a better experience, it arranges all its episodes and shows in alphabetical order thus reducing your boredom task of browsing for hours in the case of disarrangement.

If you are looking for an alternative to start with, it is recommended that you would try this out first. It also contains old animes so if you are willing to try your hands on something amazing that you have missed in past, you can blindly turn to this site which would enable you to have an amazing experience.

7. 9Anime

You do not need to register on this site to enjoy your favorite anime for free. It has millions of shows, series, movies to browse and provides you with an opportunity to feed on the variety.

The sound quality here is commendable and for examining this fact, you may read the reviews out. It is also said to provide several animes and movies in both English subbed and dubbed version. It would know the wrong t say that it is a perfect alternative to kissanime that lets you have all the more same experience.

8. Anime Land

It also has no registration formalities. You are no need to sign up with the platform to enjoy your favorite streaming shows. As far as the browsing of movies or shows is concerned, it is not that complex as the site aims at bringing all the English dubbed animes under one section. It was also recently reported that it is one of the most visited alternatives to Kissanime. So what are you waiting for? just go and have access to all your favorite shows free of cost.

9. Animism

Once you are available here, you have the entire list of the latest shows, animes, or movies. The home page is standard and the sections are neatly categorized thus enabling you to have a better experience while browsing. It is excellent in its job with no charge on the customer’s part.

There is also the option for video quality, the one you desire is easily available with just one click. To highlight one of its major merits, it has proper English subtitles.Sit in any region of the world and uses the site, I am sure it won’t disappoint you.

10. Anime Karma

It is enthusiastic as people from different age groups have been benefitted from this site. It has a vast library which offers to the taste of every individual. It has top IMDB animes to offer, next in the list is the trending movies and finally come to the features Television shows, it would please your every bit.

It has great versatility but one could not ignore the negativity caused by pop-up ads and the redirects while we upload our favorite shows. But just minor negatives should not refrain you from accessing its gigantic library.


These were the best alternatives to kissAnime. All of these are available for free. All have been proved to be superior surpassing oddities. You may try each of them as per your choice and preference. This article aims at providing an insight into each of them while enabling you to try out any of these with complete enthusiasm. I am sure none of them would disappoint you. Hope this article helps.