10 Best Help Desk Software for 2020

Best Help Desk Software

There is nothing in this world that could not be figured out. Yes, some things do require a certain period but there is always a go-to thing available. In this havoc causing days what we do is always rely on help, be it, mental, physical, or materialistic. The presence of these services has enabled us to live our life more joyfully and helpful no matter what.

Today we are here to talk about some similar stuff, a kind of help that people have always been looking forward to. A help or assistance something that we crave for in times of need. So to make a clear point, we are here talking about the help desk.

Something available 24*7 to us. When customers face some issues concerning particular things, they always prefer running to help desk which aims at providing their solution to its best of the abilities.

Here are some of the benefits to use help desk software!

  1. Trust and coordination with the customers
  2. Support tickets being efficiently managed
  3. Analytical reports

Features of help desk software:

  1. Based on knowledge
  2. Management and ticket automation
  3. Service legal agreement
  4. Third-party integration
  5. Reporting

Here is a list of Best Help Desk Software of 2020

  • Zendesk
  • Front
  • Help Scout
  • HelpDesk
  • Teamwork Desk
  • Agile CRM
  • Vision Helpdesk
  • Kayako
  • Zoho Desk
  • Think Owl

Here is a brief account of each of them:

1. Zendesk

it is known best for compiling all the queries coming from customers through mail, tweets, chats, and other social channels. It keeps all those places and maintains a systematic record of the same. It makes your conversation and business smarter thereby providing you with definite opportunities that would further help your business to grow. But if we have a look at the other side of the age, we may find it to be somewhat costly. Your data could be skewed through certain norms and conditions.

2. Front

it would make and reflect the most charming and influential experience of help desk and your team communication would then turn out to be excellent with its assistance. It keeps things in a more personalized form. Through a single inbox, you could manage bundles of email, chats, and conversations through social media channels. Its support system is extremely advantageous as it collaborates in real-time for much better advances and results. If we take a look at the drawbacks, e may fid the customization options to be limited. An analysis also reflected on the fact that the platform can be buggy or lagging at certain times, time, and again.

3. Help Scout

There are certain advanced tools present here such as reporting and messaging that attracts a lot of traffic. It has a lot to do with perfection if you observe it closely. There is also a presence of conversational customer support. Numerous things have been displayed on the sidebar of the same such as transcripts of an earlier conversation, data and activity, user contact information, and so on. You can easily embed docs into your web pages which further enables you to create “Instant Answers” with the beacon widget. But do mind there are certain issues with reporting features here.

4. Helpdesk

Your response and solution or answers to the certain asked issues would be updated rather say improved from time to time such as the authenticity of this software. It is best known for featuring ticket satisfaction metrics, and reports on first response times. To importantly talk about its pricing, the starter plan is $4 per user/per month billed annually, and $5 per user / per month billed monthly. The team plan is $ 19 per user/ per month billed annually, and $ 24 per user/ per month billed monthly. For the enterprise plan, you need to consult the vendor.

5. Teamwork Desk

It is known to have been a supporting desk platform. It is multichannel and the service desk is supposed to be user friendly. It always takes the best of initiatives to set priorities to tickets and optimize the response of your team to customer issues with ticket allocation. It aims at collaborating task management. But if we talk about some negatives of the same, then it must be highlighted that your business hours are not taken into account by ticket resolution statistics and first response time. Like always the enterprise plan here too is priced only after talking with the vendor. 

6. Agile CRM

Its benefits concerning various tools such as a comprehensive suite of sales, marketing, and service tools. To make it more customer-oriented and to attract trafficking it offers or provides a feedback form, knowledge databases, and also customer segmentation tools. It’s the high quality of service also includes tracking of SLA violations by performance analytics and also agent resolution times. To now emphasize somewhat on its drawbacks, know that customization options are limited. It may also occur to you that the price jump is somewhat unreasonable. The first ten users here are blessed with the free version.

7. Vision helpdesk

It will convert your emails, social media chat, incoming voice calls, and also customer request from web forms, thus enabling you to manage everything through one particular platform. By the way, it converts all this into tickets. There is also a private collaboration tool provided by it, that could enable the people to discuss their cases with others and instills in them a team spirit and confidence to tackle the problems. Now to talk bot the drawbacks, it is somewhat outdated and may intermittently require updating or refresh.

8. Kayako

In no time, it works wonders. It compiles the issues from email and social media platforms. It has always aimed at presenting a well-defined solution to the most design stick of problems. The self-service help center has its out-of-the-box functioning here that could never be denied. You are also free to invite people or team members to help with the footnotes or internal notes and with tickets too. Now to not leave the negatives sand to equally acquaint you with the glitches that one might face is mostly concerning the search feature which is known to be not as robust.

9. Zoho Desk

It manages email, social media, live chat, telephony, and web forms very wisely. The three best terms associated with it are, multichannel, multibrand, and multi-department. It is also known for featuring a contextual AI assistant named Zia. The function of Zia is to assist the customers with their different problems, It is a sort of skill-building machine which is also best at predicting anomalies, detect trending ticket tags, and also track the sentiments of the customer. To emphasize its drawbacks, it is a great minimalist. If you want to extract a great deal of information, it requires extra clicks.

10. Think Owl

It is also a multichannel helpdesk aimed at unifying team processes. It is known to trigger service processes from email, train chatbots through your interaction with users, customer self-service portal, and also the smartphone app for exchanging messages and also the other relevant documents. It features the artificial intelligence tool for search and recall of relevant customer and case data. To emphasize on drawbacks, do know that the product documentation here could be in more attractive or much better ways. Also, there is not easy access provided to the in-depth information.


So these were some of the best software for help desk 2020. You may go for any of them depending on your convenience and choice. It would be very helpful for you. There is no comparison however features of some may differ from others but none is less in any case. Some also offer a free version to the first few customers which is advantageous however it completely depends on you as to what would suit your needs. Hope this article helps.

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