10 Best Free MKV Players For Windows 10 in 2021

Best Free MKV Players For Windows

The default media application on our PC – Windows Media Player – is good enough to support most mp3 and mp4 formats. However, it cannot support the latest MKV file format. The MKV format is now gaining popularity quite fast and the content of many websites now happens to be of this format. Thus, it is essential for us to have a player on our device which can run MKV media. That is why we will now tell you all about 10 such excellent MKV players who can support the MKV format.

Best MKV Players for Windows 10

1. VLC Media Player

The most popular and best-rated media app, VLC media player is well known for its durability and reliability. VLC offers a lot of practical controls and options which makes it a great user-friendly video player. It can run most types of file formats depending on the type of operating system it is running on. VLC media player came into the limelight after it became the first player to support the playback of encrypted DVDs on Linux and macOS.

2. KM Player

Supporting all the high-quality file formats like 4k, 8k, ultra-HD and 60fps (in Windows 64bit), KM Player is a great lightweight app that can run the MKV format successfully. There is an option in this player which lets you download videos from YouTube, Daily Motion, Instagram etc. You need not fret if your PC is not very high-end since KM Player can optimize its function on your PC with its hardware acceleration function.

3. Freesmith Video Player

This free MKV player supports most of the major file formats along with the MKV format. It has an overall pleasant interface and allows the screenshot function. However, Freesmith video player can lag at times and can be faulty when operating in the full-screen mode. There are also fully customisable hotkey controls that make the app easier to use. Overall, it’s a decent MKV player and is a nice option to have in the bag.

4. DA Player

Saturated with a ton of features, DA Player is quite a popular media player. It is free software that is powerful, simple and easy to use. It supports high-quality videos and can even run the BluRay format. On top of that, DA Player can run DVDs as well as music CDs. However, keep in mind that this player has been recently renamed as 5k Player and promises an even better experience.

5. SM player

SM Player gives you a retro feel with its old-school interface. It provides a smooth viewing experience in the MKV file format and supports many other formats as well. It allows the user to change its skin and look and increase its aesthetic quotient. SM Player is available in 30+ languages and provides many advanced features like adjusting playback speed, subtitle delay and even an equaliser. This free software is a great option for you to try out.

6. DivX Player

This unique software not only lets you play your video at a high quality but also lets you cast your video at the same time. DivX player supports most of the video formats. There is also a pro version available which you can purchase. The pro version (A3E), offers a much more immersive experience and is definitely worth a shot.

7. Media Player Classic

Boasting of its lightweight nature, Media Player Classic has been around for a long time. This software is quite popular and supports nearly all the video formats available. Media Player Classic is a quaint free app that has no unnecessary advertisements. It is known for supporting the DVB format too. The interface has a classic look to it and the controls are fairly easy to comprehend and use.

8. GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player has a wide outreach and is available in over 250 countries. It has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from thousands of users. However, the best thing about this application is its ability to run nearly every video format. The player itself has a sleek and stunning design with a user-friendly interface. The premium version of GOM Player (GOM Player Plus) can be purchased and it is indeed a wonderful app to use. In conclusion, GOM Player has a lot of nice features and is a great choice to run the MKV file format.

9. Potplayer

A great media player in its own right, Potplayer provides the maximum performance with minimum requirements. Potplayer has a unique feature where it can run damaged files by simply omitting the damaged frames. It also offers a 3D viewing experience which you can enjoy with 3D goggles. This media viewer also offers advanced features like snapshotting and bookmarking of scenes/chapters. Potplayer has a user-friendly interface and is well maintained by the developers. It also does not require you to install different codecs and is quite uncomplicated.

10. ACG Player

ACG Player is exclusively for Windows 10 users and is a quality app to run the MKV format. It supports subtitles, gestures and offers customizable effects. This free application uses a simple UI and lets you customize the panel layout. It even has fewer ads to offer. Overall, it’s a low-maintenance app that supports the most common formats but not the uncommon ones.


It can be quite frustrating when a media player fails to open a file format as expected. This problem of an MKV file not opening is quite common and, in this article, we have provided you with a comprehensive solution. Through careful research and scrutiny of user reviews, we have laid out 10 great MKV players for you which support the MKV format. Most of these players are easy to use and free. Furthermore, they hardly offer ads and other forms of a nuisance. We would advise you to download at least two of these media players according to your requirements and use them according to your convenience. Go ahead and give these players a shot!