10 Best Free Discord Voice Changers

Best Free Discord Voice Changers

So Discord is an application that enables gamers to a group chat or communicates using the voice notes. Discord has proved o be flexible for not only gamers but also lets people take its advantage in one way or the other. Now we would like to stress some important facts about Discord. Discord might be issued at times as people could very easily hide their identity. We answer that question with this review of the 10 best free Discord voice changers.

The use of voice changers:

We use voice changers not always with a good purpose. People usually do it with the motive to hide what and who they are. Some kids have always been spotted hiding their age and real identity through this voice changer so that they could have access to 18+ games. Others do it to hide their genders. But still, not everyone has a negative perspective and motive. So today we will be talking about the top 10 best free discord voice changers

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Here is a brief description of each of them

Best Free Discord Voice Changers

1. Clownfish

It is found to be compatible with Viber, Skype, and Discord. To use this, you do not even require sign-in. It is very compatible to use and is free. There are no complacencies involved to use it. You will also notice that it is active with all the windows versions, be any of it. It is fast, and the setup is also said to be very easy. Now to also throw some light on its demerits, it does not have many features or voice notes, and in addition to it, some voices make it difficult to understand some accents. 

2. Morph VOX

Its compatibility stands with Discord, twitch, skype, steam, and open broadcaster. One of the interesting facts about it is, the CPU usage hee is not much, and it is also known to have very little bandwidth. It is also amazing as it ha sound effects that could be thrown to mix instantly. It is also easy to use due to the presence of custom shortcuts. However, if you are opting for the paid version to get some extra functions, do remember that it is very expensive. Also, the installation process of the same is a bit unintuitive.

3. VoiceMod

It is known to be compatible with VRchat, Discord, Overwatch, Fortnite, PUBG, Skype, and CSGO. You will be stunned to know that when you try to produce a voice here, it is, in every chance going to sound great. It is also easy to install as it has been professionally designed. So there is no much complacency involved in the installation process. It has also been found flexible with plenty of uses. To highlight some of its demerits, the available free version does not provide access to a lot of features. Another point to emphasize on it hides the paid version if you have not downloaded it.

4. Voxal Voice Changer

It is compatible with CSGO, many steam games discord, skype, and team speak. Starting with its merits, there is a little bandwidth and comparatively less CPU usage. Also, to talk about the interface, it is pretty easy to understand. It also has the power to add effects to live and recorded voices. Now to talk about the demerits, it might not that be compatible with steam games. There are also some voices that all the way appear the same, so people might not end up bothering about it. 

5. Discord Voice Changer

As a matter of fact, it is only found to be compatible with Discord only, so you know by now that it is not great in terms of compatibility. However, if we particularly talk about its pros, then it should be mentioned that it is very easy to connect with Discord. You can also fastly pick a voice; the process is simple and at great speed. Another factor highlighting its merit is it jas very low CPU usage. On the other hand, it has also difficult to install and if you are looking for a reliable version, then let me tell you, it is not that easy. 

6. Super Voice Changer

Discord Skype, WhatsApp, and video platform. It allows for fairly deep customization; once you encounter it, you will be sure of this fact. You can also make desired changes to your setting to make the easy use next time. The CPU usage here is also not much, and it loads quickly. The installation process is quick, but one thing that’s to be kept in mind is, it is tricky to install it correctly. It also needs a better help section, and sometimes it becomes difficult to figure out what has some functions been doing.

7. Audio For Fun

It is compatible with Skype, Discord, Twitch, and steam. Here you would find that the voice morphing tools are somewhat advanced. It also has various paid and free trial options for the features you might feel the need to have. You can also change the settings as per your wish for better output quality. To talk about some of the demerits, the paid versions that it has to offer are not fairly priced; also, several functions will not be used by discord users. Thirdly, the tutorial section is not that strong. 

8. Rob Vox Voice Changer

It is compatible with Discord, it may also create static sounds when it is used with other chat software. The carrot function repeats things back and is funny; you also have the opportunity to save and share your creations. There are 3 different modes present and 32 voice options. But if we talk about the interface, then it should not go unmentioned that the interface looks a little dated. Also, it has in-app purchases that are unfair, and also the free voices that are available are limited. 

9. Voice Changer with Effects

It is compatible with most types of voice chats. It also has a robust number of voices. You can easily save your recordings using this. It is also simple and not that complicated to use. To understand how ti works, you do not require a mind of a genius as it is not that complicated. Moreover, people usually face a slight lag when the voices are being changes. It also demands access to your external storage, In short, memory card. If you want to link it up with Discord then let me tell you, you may find the process very tricky.

10. Voice Changer

Like the voice changer, it is also found to be compatible with voice chats. Some of the voices here might sound very funny in a laugh-out-loud manner. For Discord, it might prove to be the best voice changer, and it also can use the voices for commercial use without attribution. But people generally face problem while getting it to work with Discord also the presence of some voices make you difficult to understand. To clear the confusion, the WTF voice is mostly just your words that are being jumbled


So these are the best free discord voice changers. Most of them are easy and simple to use. Others may require you to pay some premium if you need access to extra features. Moreover, all of them are the best in every possible way. You may look for the one that works the best for you. I hope this article helps.