15 Best FaceRig Alternatives of 2020

FaceRigs Alternatives

FaceRig is a program that aims to enable anyone with a webcam to digitally embody awesomely.

You might be well aware of the word “webcam”. Yes, it is something that enables you to take pictures, video conference, even to check your face at times, in case you have no other way to immediately do it. Can you imagine that despite being a functionary tool in your electronic device, it could also be an amazing timepass and creative tool? No right? So today we are here to let you know these fun things which you could easily try out. It’s no time consuming and delivers ultimate fun. I would recommend you to not miss the proceedings below.

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What is FaceRig?

FaceRig is something that helps you transform your features and bodily moves using a webcam. Yes ! you heard it right! Is not it amazing? While you do a video conferencing to your near and dear ones you can easily make up for the most-amazing lost time together. FaceRig enables you to change your background, insert various filters and emojis that would simultaneously make you look good, funny, or chaotic, and the person on the other side of the screen could simply enjoy it. While video chatting with friends do not forget to take snapshots of such good moments and it is only possible when you have imported such funny filters in Facerig

Below is the list of top 15 FaceRig alternatives in 2020:

Best FaceRig alternatives

1. Muvizu Play:

It keeps on updating and upgrading. It is considered one of the best FaceRig alternatives. While some alternative access may require days and even months, it is one among those that could be animated or worked on within a very short period. It might take only a few hours or let’s say minutes to shape an idea or thought. You can play with the free features available and later move to the premium part. You may feel utterly creative using this alternative. Once you are done with your creativity you can use platforms such as youtube or Instagram to boast on.

2. F-Clone:

Besides creating facial animations it also allows you to create games. I know many of you only know the area of its function concerning the creation of games, but trust me it is much more than what it seems. It allows you to have access to perfect face avtar. It contains a library of facial filters. Do not sit back instead give it a try. One of the advantages that should be highlighted or reflected upon is, it records both movement and facial expression that too in real-time with webcam. Such is the extent of its amazing characteristic. You may use several related platforms to showcase the features or your animation.

3. FaceFX:

It is considered one of the best or the most perfect alternatives for FaceRig. It allows you to have a perfect face setting and makes your animation stand out. It also has an audio feature which many other alternatives do not have. If you want to have audio for your 3D avtar just go for this, it will make your animation talk. What else do you need? You are also exposed to create a relationship between the target. You can avail of the free stuff, but if you want to unleash more features you will have to pay a premium.

4. Crazy Talk:

It also enables your animation to be vocal. You will enjoy using it as it exposes you to a variety of creatives and animations. These creativities include making a fun album, creating an animated comic, making a funny animated youtube video, and many more. one of the advantages that speaks for this alternative is, it is blessed with a 3D head creation tool and also has a lip-syncing feature. Some of its features are for free while others need you to pay some amount to avail of the complete facilities.

5. Mocap X:

one of the best things about this alternative is, it allows you to record things like facial expression a d movement offline. You do not require them to stream to Maya. It makes complete use of your iPhone cameras. An iPhone user has a privilege to animation directly in Maya with the use of the Phone cameras. It is no hidden why these apple brands are the best. Nevertheless, it is good as it also enables you to make use of the keypad, joysticks, and other similar features. You must not miss out on this.

6. Gravity:

It is going to excite boys let alone girls. It employs several tools for the sake of animation and you can have a terrifying makeover. It allows you to choose your skin, clothes, eyes, hair, ears, and every single feature. You can have a complete makeover of yours in no minutes. It provides you with millions of tools that you can use to create your elegant style. It also enables your animation to do a lot of movements and activities; like dancing, singing, hi-fi, movement of hands in a jovial way, and many other of the other sort.

7. iClone:

It is one of the simplest FaceRig alternatives to use. It enables you to create various facial animation required for professional work. It too has several tools to enhance your professional look. The alternative also lets you custom create your animation and apply several unique fashion filters to stand out. It is known to be user-friendly and you must not doubt the integrity of the FaceRig as it also one of the fastest alternatives to run. You may try the available features for free, and for the rest, you will have to pay a premium.

8. Blender:

Blender is another FaceRig alternative that allows you not only to create facial animations and enjoy them but also enables you to create games and have a fun time all along. Furthermore, it has tools that can be used to create fabulous face animations and make it lively. You can have a dashing 3D avtar using the same. Use the alternative and you can easily go for, animations, modeling, rigging, simulation, rendering, composting and what not? It is best used with Mac, Windows, and Linux.

9. LightWave 3D:

This alternative is very simple to use, it is flexible and is free of complexities. You can use it both for the creation of animation and static 3D images. It also enables you to use the bridge to an unreal engine for real-time collaborative 3 D interactivity. The FaceRig alternative of the same is used in videogames, advertisement, visual effects, motion graphics, tv, movies, and so on. It is cost-effective or affordable as to say it. You can use the features to create your 3D avtar or animation. It is also to be noted that it is one of the leading 3D creation suites on the market.

10. Houdini:

It is known for exhibiting Unique results as every movement or action is stored in the node, wired in the network. It has millions of tools and is user friendly. You do not have to worry about the cost, as it is in no case going to trouble you. The tools are for free. Using this can make you transform into an artist or an all-time creator of adventure. It is simple to use thus enabling the users to work freely without any disturbance. You can create your animations and interactions and use the right platforms to exhibit your creation.

11. 3DCrafter:

You can create your animation as per your choice. It enables you to create the most complex of all creativities. You are required to choose your tools. You also have the feature or let’s say merit of drag and drop in this FaceRig alternative. You can create your 3D modeling as it is a real-time tool for the same. The drag and drop feature in this enables you to easily keep your object’s at the point and make a complete adventurous sensation. You must admit it is a good feature, once you give it a try. It has 3 different versions, ie, Plus, Pro, and 3D Crafter.

12. Animation Master:

you can design your animation both in 2D or 3D. It is also easy to use and is affordable. It is also easy to learn and you have access to various tools that can be used to create animations. You can imagine various complexities in your head and it will give animation to your thoughts. It is capable of bringing life to any sort of imagination that persists in your head. It has been proved to be one of the most enthusiastic alternatives.

13. Gabsee:

To put your animation or let’s say 3D avatar in the real world, go for this FaceRig alternative. You would be surprised to know that some of its features and versions have been taken by Snapchat as well. It is also rumored that it is the most personalized version of AR. The looks or the animation it offers can be used as future bitemojis. You got to trust its vibes. You may go on to create a cartoon version of yourself and then see how this alternative works. It will give life to your created emotion or animation. Do not miss out on this.

14. Plotagon:

You may spot this alternative in Windows, Android, and iOS. It also enables you to have a conversation with the people. It is user friendly and thus allows you to create demonstrations. It has advanced features, as through this, you can communicate through resonance. You may also create instructions using this that fits the situation or scenario. You may observe the high speed of this alternative which is capable of making you deliver high-end texts and not simple casual texts. You can create up to 200 scenes or animations using this.

15. Moviestorm:

It is affordable which means the advantage of cost-effectiveness is already in our hands. It is also simple to use with no complexities involved and can be used to make movies of all sorts or kinds as to say it. It is flexible to use irrespective of the class, profession, age, and race. It just fits best for everyone around. You would be surprised to know that it has been mostly used in the film industry and media and advertising and would continue to be used. So if you want to have your skills as per journalist just go for it.


So these were some of the best FaceRig alternatives in 2020. Some of them are completely free whereas the others require some premium to unlock the other tools for use. All have exciting and amazing features to explore. You may create your animations be it 3D or 2D, some even allow you to create games. You must try on any of them. Hope this article was helpful.