10 Best CPU Coolers in 2020

Best CPU Cooler

The first and foremost thing that should be kept in mind before finding the exciting PC components is to go and look for the best CPU cooler available out there. You have to have the best of the parts that can support all the power. One should not blindly follow the trend and go and look for the priciest of all. You should know that there are many cheaper and cheapest CPU coolers available that just deliver the right service and have been proved to be extremely beneficial for the system.

To know about the best CPU coolers that are available at just the right prices, have a look below.

  1. Noctua NH-D15
  2. Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition
  3. Noctua NH-L9
  4. NZXT Kraken Z-3
  5. Corsair H100i Pro
  6. Cooler Master Master Liquid ML240P Mirage
  7. Cooler Master Master Liquid ML 120 R RGB
  8. Article Liquid Freezer 120
  9. Corsair Hydro Series H5 SF
  10. NoFan CR-95C

Here are an in-depth description of all the above ten best-mentioned CPU Coolers.

Best Air Coolers You Can Buy

1. Noctua NH-D15:

  • Type:  Fan and heatsink
  • Compatibility: Intel LGA 2066; AMD AM2- AM3+, FM1-FM2+
  • Rotation Frequency: Up to 1500 RPM
  • Noise Volume: 19.20dbA
  • Dimensions (Wx Dx H): 160 x150 x 135 mm
  • Weight: 2.91 pounds (1.32kg)

To be stated, it is one of the best CPU coolers under the price. Yes., if you are not looking for so costly a CPU cooler has blind faith in its functioning and go for it. Also, a thing that is to be kept in mind is, its delivery is just right if not better than the other Liquid coolers. You may find it as effective as one of those. Though they may not be having a big name they have known about their credentials and what they are serving their customers with. They have a great name in designing coolers and are also said to be silent.

2. Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition:

  • Type: Fan and heatsink
  • Compatibility: Intel LGA 1150-LGA 2066; AMD AM2-AM4, FM1-FM2+
  • Rotation Frequency: 650-2000 RPM
  • Noise Volume: 8-30 dBA
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 120×79.6×158.8mm
  • Weight: 1.54 pounds (700 g)

It is also counted among one of the best and most compatible CPU coolers for consumers. It is jet black which supposedly adds to its merits, besides it also ensures the least airflow resistance. Further, it has four heat pipes that flaunt Direct Contact Technology to better fight the heat. Secondly, it also has a wide speed range for fine-tuning cooling performance and silent operation.

3. Noctua NH-L9:

  • Type: Fan and heatsink
  • Compatibility: Intel LGA 1156/1155/1151; AMD AM2/ AM2+/AM3/FM1/FM2
  • Rotation frequency: Up to 2500 RPM
  • Noise volume: 14.8dbA-23.6dbA
  • Dimensions (Wx Dx H): 206x184x37mm
  • Weight: 1.03 Pounds (0.47 kg)

It is an Austrian company which is known best for making the most preferable cooler and fans. Their sole job is to do this. They do make tiny coolers and can easily be preferred if there are large components in the system and the user is not comfortable with liquid cooling. Although it is tiny, it is more than capable when compared to other insane coolings.

4. NZXT Kraken Z-3

  • Type: Fan and heatsink
  • Compatibility: Intel Socket LGA 1151-2066, Intel Core i9/ Core i3-i7, AMD Socket AM4, TR4, AMD Ryzen 3- Ryzen Threadripper
  • Rotation Frequency: 500-1,800 + 300 RPM
  • Noise Volume: 21-38dBA
  • Dimensions (Wx Dx H): 143x 315x 30mm

It is an excellent option if you prefer liquid cooling. Firstly it has a 2.36-inch LCD screen which has the capacity of displaying 24-bit color.  Secondly, the liquid cooler allows total customization which enables you to display your images through fine-tune settings. Thirdly it is easy to install and fourthly the liquid cooling performance here is just more than impressive.

5. Corsair H100i Pro:

  • Type: Liquid Cooling System
  • Compatiblity: Intel 2011-2066; AMD AM2-AM4
  • Rotation Frequency: Up to 2,400
  • Noise Volume: 44Dba
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 315x 143x 29mm
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds (1.98kg)

Something that grabs the attention of it is that it has always occupied the top position when it comes to the liquid cooling game. It has powerful fans that are unique but ut is strapped in RGB lighting. Its fans could be easily controlled through icue software. The icing on the cake is, it is completely customizable.

6. Cooler Master Master Liquid ML240P Mirage:

  • Type: Liquid Cooling
  • Compatibility: Intel LGA 775- LGA 2066; AMD AM2- AM4, FM1-FM2+
  • Rotation Frequency: up to 2000 +(-) 10% RPM
  • Noise Volume: 27 dbA
  • Dimensions (WXDXH): 277X120X27MM
  • Weight: 2.11 pounds (1, 237 g)

You can undoubtedly spend hours playing with this in your gaming rig. The advantageous fact is that you do not have to worry about overheating or the problem of thermal throttling. To stress on its advantages, it has a transparent pump design that enables you to see the impeller spinning while bathed in different RGB lighting. Secondly, it has PPS + glass fiber housing and nozzle that provides temperature and liquid resistance. Thirdly, it has an EPDM rubber O-ring that is actively helpful in eliminating liquid emission. Lastly, it has a low resistance radiator that generally increases the flow rate, heat exchange efficiency, and cooling performance.

7. Cooler Master Master Liquid ML 120R RGB :

  • Type: Liquid Cooling System
  • Compatibility: Intel LGA 775- LGA 2066; AMD AM2- AM4, FM1-FM2+
  • Rotation Frequency: Up to 2000 RPM
  • Noise Volume: 6dbA- 30 dbA
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 83.6 x 71.8 x 52.7 mm

For your information, there is not a single component that cannot be improved through RGB. Highlighting its merits, it integrates some of the first addressable LED s seen on a liquid cooler which features an oxidation free pump and an efficient radiator. Secondly, it would keep your CPU cooler and make it last longer.

8. Arctic Liquid Freezer 120:

  • Type: Liquid Cooling System
  • Compatibility: Intel LGA 2011- 2066; AMD AM2-AM3+, FM1-FM2
  • Rotation Frequency: Up to 1350 RPM
  • Noise Volume: 22.5dBA
  • Dimensions( WxDxH): 120x 120 x 25mm
  • Weight: 2.65 Pounds (1.2Kg)

It has a 120 mm variant of the Arctic liquid freezer which makes it into the best CPU cooler lists. It is known for keeping the system refrigerated at a mostly quiet volume. However, you should not expect RGB lighting or software from the same. It is also to be noted that, as of now, it is only available in the US and UK.

9. Corsair Hydro Series H5 SF:

  • Type: Liquid Cooling System
  • Compatibility: Intel LGA 115X; AMD FM2-FM2+
  • Rotation Frequency: Up to 1800 RPM
  • Noise Volume: 36Dba-42dBA
  • Dimensions (Wx Dx H): 167x57x 84mm
  • Weight: 2 pounds (0.91 kg)

It is employed best where one has a smaller PC Case and is not likely to have enough space. Firstly, it keeps your CPU chilled. Secondly, you do not need to worry about the maintenance of the same because it is a closed-loop. You just require to set it up. It will in turn exhibit its great functioning and leave you wondering. Undoubtedly it is cheaper and is compatible when comes to a small system. It is always beet to prefer it for smaller systems. Give it a try and let it prove its worth to you.

10. No Fan CR-95C:

  • Type: Passively Cooled heatsink
  • Compatibility: Intel LGA 775-1156; AMD AM2-AM3+; FM1
  • Noise Volume: 0dBA
  • Dimensions (WXHXD): 180X148X 180MM
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds (0.73 kg)

It is a South Korean company that specializes in helping or enabling enthusiasts to reach that 0dBA silent sweet spot. It is highly recommendable if you want to build a low0power computer that would be capable of completely blending in the background. As of now, it is only available in the USA. It has several disadvantages as well like it would limit your set –up that too severely in terms of power as it has CR-95C fanless solution which is limited in compatibility to processors whose TDP falls below95W.


So these were some of our best CPU cooler. If you are concerned about the price range, you must have a look at them once. These are the most preferable CPU coolers as they are neither too cheap nor too costly. All of this delivers is just right and some of them even give the best of their services.

All you need to do is choose among them. The best thing about the list of 10 CPU cooler I that, it also takes into consideration the smaller PCs or devices, the best(CPU coolers) for those are also recommended. So hope this article was helpful; to you. If you are planning to purchase one, just give them a shot.

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