10 Best AnimeTosho Alternatives & Similar Sites

Best AnimeTosho Alternatives

What is AnimeTosho

AnimeTosho is one of the best platforms where you can download your favorite Anime TV Shows and Movies in the shortest possible time.

AnimeTosho brings a basic interface that may be somewhat simple in case we’re straightforward, and it’s in English. It implies that we can depend on finding a constant flow of anime downpours, including various media types like motion pictures, TV shows, books, and practically whatever else. AnimeTosho additionally has a mirror that is working nonstop, so we’ll generally have a feasible reinforcement.

I hope not many of you are a stranger to this word. These days the craze of anime is so normal that every age group tends to follow the one they like. So to first describe what anime is, It is a cartoon sort of thing that is mainly employed by the Japanese. It would not be wrong to say that it was the Japanese who introduced the concept of anime. People have been loving it and now everybody is quite familiar with it irrespective of the age group.

Now that we know it is loved and praised all around the globe, people might want to download their favorite ones that too free of cost. So for that, we will be introducing some of the anime torrent sites, where you can find many animes for free. The sites also host newly introduced animes. So now just stop pondering over what to do and how to get access to your favorite anime for free and read the article below to answer your questioning curious mind.

Following are the listed best AnimeTosho alternatives and similar sites:

  1. Nyaa
  2. Horrible Subs
  3. Anime Ultime
  4. AniDex
  5. Baka BT
  6. Shana Project
  7. Ani Rena
  8. Anime Layer
  9. Lime Torrents
  10. 1337x

Best AnimeTosho Alternative & Similar Websites

If you have already used AnimeTosho and are looking for any other platforms similar to it, then you are in the right place.

1. Nyaa

Needless to say that it had its limitations like any other site but these days it seems to be working almost fine. A clear rundown of available torrents could be seen or spotted after opening the site.

You can easily arrange as per date, name, size, leechers, and seeders. The merit being you need not necessarily have a user’s account, even without registering you will be allowed to make the possible use of the site. Look for the anime that you want to download and just go for it, your job is done. However, if you are more than willing to register for it, you can even do so.

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2. Horrible Subs

Must say, it is one of the most adventurous sites as it has multiple benefits. Besides getting to download your favorite anime you also have the liberty to chat and converse with other anime fans of different genres.

Is not it amazing? Needless to mention it’s a vast P2P library that is going to provide you all the animes (mostly) of different categories, you just need to look for yours. You are also allowed to see and follow the upcoming title as it provides the facility for the same through the page called schedule.

3. Anime Ultime

Might sound funny but is generally addressed as “anime torrent tracker site”. It has been originated in France and the network is so interesting that you would later be thankful to yourself for visiting the site. There is a home screen that is accustomed to bringing different sorts of anime.

Registering on the site or not is entirely your call but we would not leave you halfway without complete information. It is a must to mention that the language French and adobe flash may get you to encounter some foreseen problems. But it is not that you do not have an option to tackle the problem, you have the facility to translate it into English.

4. Anidex

Traditional in appearance but contains a lot of content. It cannot be underestimated as it is the store of the torrent records. The best part is the torrent records simultaneously have the necessary data recorded within.

Why only the animes, you also have access to computer games, music albums, and serials. It contains a lot of standard and excellent torrents. You must try on this site. You will undoubtedly have the time of your life while surfing through it.

5. Baka BT

So here comes the sort of formal site which requires the completion of all necessary procedures. So if you think you can freely register on this site then sorry but you have no option as such. You will be invited by a group to get yourself registered on this site.

You also need to have a formal meeting set up by them so that they are assured of having an anime fan on their site. It has a large library so to get access to it, you will have to go through some tough times. At the end of the day, these formalities should not refrain you from getting to experience the site.

6. Shana project

Many merits to count on and the list goes on, but no worries, we are here to acquaint you with some of them. You can download as many animes you want to using this site. Yes! You heard it right!

As much as you want as it has no such limitation. It contains a long list of shows and movies just do your job and sort them out. Registering on the site can let you monitor your preferred torrents, if you do not wish to, it is entirely your call.

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7. Ani Rena

Some time back this site was taken down. It had great fame back then and was the most trusted and visited one or rather say one among the most. But it is back on track now and with double intensity and speed.

The monthly visitors on this site are growing when compared to the previous days. It has a large section of P2P files. It is also aiming to create an online community that does not sound bad either. You may create an account as per your wish.

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8. Anime Layer

Originating from Russia, it has its Uniqueness. Needless to say, the perfectly designed user interface is worth appreciating. Here the torrents have data and screen captures which is more than enough to let you decide which torrent to download. The assistance that it aims at providing to its users or visitors is commendable.

You are getting to decide on which torrent to download, and this service is undoubtedly amazing. Would not let go of its dark side, so you must know now that the Russian language might get you into trouble but for that, you can seek live translation help.

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9. Lime Torrents

It has been old thus it is tagged as gold. It was then the savior when not many options showed up concerning the torrent service. The ones who know about it for very long, are still stuck to it.

Despite being old it has still been on track and continues to grow its fanbase. The animes that have been famous and loves immensely are not hard to find here. You can also find many amazing movies here. Now to name a demerit, it has its own service cost that is not cheap. It has a rural plan which is not that complex to tackle with.

10. 1337X

It is also one of the oldest sites on the list. You will find many amazing or rather say a long list of anime shows, movies, serials but it would be your utter stupidity to expect music, games, and other things. I am sure this site won’t disappoint you in terms of animes, it would provide you with exactly the choice of anime you want.

No, it is not going to create one, rather from its huge list you can look for something you want. If we talk about its users then please don’t sit back and relax as already millions around the globe are using it. So what are you waiting for? Just go and make the best use of it. While using this, you will come across anime torrents that download quickly.


So these were some of the best animetosho alternatives and some similar sites. You may choose what you find suitable as per your needs and conditions. Though all of them have some proportion of fault or shortcomings they have their advantages too which cannot be ignored. Some of them have old traditional ways while others are newly added to the list. This article has made it easy for you to decide which one to rely on and what to keep as an option. However, you may try all of them. Hope this article helps.