10 Best Sites Like BatmanStream for Streaming Sports Services

10 Best Sites Like BatmanStream for Streaming Sports Services

Sports fans are high these days as there are countless online streaming sites that allow their audience to watch live sports events and matched for absolutely no cost. If you are yet to discover the world of online streaming and is unknown to sites like BatmanStream, this guide is for you.

10 Best Sites Like BatmanStream for Streaming Sports Services

What is BatmanStream?

BatmanStream is an online streaming website that specializes in sports. Its users can enjoy NFL football, soccer, handball, basketball, rugby, baseball, volleyball, hockey, tennis, motor, and many other sports for absolutely free and from any device they prefer with a web browser.

BatmanStream searches the internet with the help of a small web-crawler army to find live sports streams. It then makes them available to its audience with a straightforward click.

Just like the majority of the online streaming websites, BatmanStream gains its support from ad revenue. So the users of BatmanStream are encouraged to turn off ad blocking software (if they use any).

Although that’s not the only reason, we advise people to do so. Another reason behind this is that a lot of streams fail to work with software like adblockers turned on. Hence it is recommended to disable content filtering software before navigating through sites like BatmanStream.

BatmanStream also provides the feature of a live group chat, which is provided by Chatango. This feature can be used by the users to recommend streams to each other, discuss their favorite sports, or even kill time in between matches. And even though it is a minimal feature but it makes BatmanStream all the more welcoming.

10 Best Sites Like BatmanStream for Streaming Sports Services

Below we have discussed in detail top BatmanStream alternatives according to us. Go through this guide and choose your ideal BatmanStream alternative from our list. Let’s get started!

1. StreamWoop

StreamWoop is an online streaming site that specializes in baseball, golf, basketball, ice hockey, football, soccer, and boxing. To enjoy the services of StremWoop, users have to create a free account on the StreamWoop. They can also use a random username, and disposable email address as no personal details are required.

2. MyP2P

MyP2P is popularly known for providing great sports streams in high definition quality. This website offers something for everyone, ranging from baseball to soccer to motorsports to boxing. Multiple streams are available for almost all events so that the users can easily switch to a better source should their stream go down.

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3. Stream2Watch

Features like great search functionality, decent layout, and a trustworthy domain name is what makes Stream2Watch an ideal replacement for BatmanStream. We recommend all sports lovers out there to bookmark Stream2Watch site. It is a great online streaming website with each stream having its own individual chat. Here users can have discussions with other users regarding the streamed event in real-time.


This website presents itself with a great internet sports TV. LAOLA1 offers all its users and content partners all over the world with the best sports videos from across the globe all year round. In case you wish to become a premium user, you will enjoy the ad-free experience, which is what all die-hard sports lovers will find worth their money.

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5. SportLemon

SportLemon is a platform for live sports streaming. The prime motive of this website is to make sports easy to access to people all around the world. And if you ask us, we think it’s doing a great job there. SportLemon provides an intuitive and smooth experience, and sports fans can count on it for some quality sports entertainment.

6. ESPN Player

ESPN Player is a US-based sports TV channel which airs a great variety of sports talks, highlight, and documentary-styled show. It allows its users to watch ESPN from anywhere in the world at any time with any device.

Users are allowed to choose from numerous channels, which also include NCAA College Pass that possess 3000+ of the best college games from all the biggest conferences, or IndyCar series, a channel solely dedicated to the great spectacle which is the Indianapolis 500.

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7. Sportrar

Sportrar displays hockey, baseball, football, tennis, golf, basketball, motorsports, cycling, and many more. The homepage shows all the available streams so that users do not have to waste time searching for stuff that intimidates them.

A piece of advice from us is to turn off all the pop-up blockers on your devices as this platform does not work well in their presence.

8. VIPBox

This platform indexes numerous online sources over the internet and offers links to them, allowing its users to stream all the popular sports free of cost. The interesting thing about VIP Box is that this website indexes only legal streams. Moreover, the website wants its audience to report any illegal stuff they come across as soon as they detect it. These features make VIP Box a valuable as well as a trustworthy alternative of BatmanStream.

Bonus #4: Textsheet is very popular with students.

9. Cricfree

We believe that the name of this alternative may make you believe that the Cricfree site is solely dedicated to cricket fans. But believe us, Cricfree is not all about cricket. Do not let its name fool you into thinking it’s nothing more than cricket, as in reality, this platform offers online streaming of 12 categories of sports, all of which are focused on a different sport.

Moreover, there is a chat option present right on the homepage of Cricfree for all sorts of discussions. Cricfree encourages all its users to say hi and then introduce themselves.

10. SonyLIV

SonyLIV is owned by none other than Sony Pictures Networks. It is an on-demand service in India. The library of SonyLIV contains content from Sony Entertainment Network Channels of the last 18 years.

We highly recommend SonyLIV to all our readers who are interested in sports documentaries. However, it is unavailable in some geographical areas, but we suggest you fix this issue with a VPN service.

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We are sure that all sports fans can agree that nothing is more satisfying than sitting in a crowded stadium and watching your team win a match. However, we also understand that it is not possible for anyone to have time and money to watch every single match in person. So, it’s a great thing that sites like BatmanStream exist for online streaming of live sports matches.

In case BatmanStream doesn’t work for you, you can go for any of the above mentioned BatmanStream alternatives, and we assure you that you won’t regret the decision. Thank you for reading!