Is Anilinkz Down? Best 11 Alternatives for

Anilinkz Alternatives

If you are an anime show lover, Anilinkz is the best suitable website for you. Anilinkz is free of cost and won’t charge you.  This website is very popular around and helps the users to watch their favorite anime shows. Users from different regions can use this site for their entertainment.

Due to several adverts that bothers the users while watching anime shows, this website went down. The reason may be the unfortunate management or else the greediness of the owners for earning more. This limitation of the website reduced the number of users as they experienced disruption while watching shows because of the advertisements.

Best Alternatives for

The drawbacks of Anilinkz bring a need for alternative websites. People who are frustrated with the advertisements and wants better platforms for watching anime shows without any interruption can go for other options. There are several other websites available for anime shows. This article will discuss some of the best alternatives to save your time.

1. AnimeFreak.TV

AnimeFreak is a website that can be used by the anime show lovers. It is a quite easy and fast website for watching anime shows. Users can enjoy every popular and latest anime shows in full HD quality on this website. AnimeFreak is a free website that does not charge its users for watching their favorite shows.

The structure and appearance of this website are very well systematized and designed. The website does not take much time to start as it has smooth facilities for smartphones. AnimeFreak is maintained very well so that the users enjoy the latest and entertaining shows from different places.

Best points

  1. The shows on AnimeFreak are structured into different categories and genres.
  2. AnimeFreak offers fewer advertisements to attract users.
  3. The website is easy to use by signing up.

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2. Chia-Anime

This website is not a very famous and well-known site in the market. However, the website is managed and developed very nicely. Chia-Anime supports a number of servers and enables free downloading of various contents directly and save them for watching. Most importantly, this website does not require any registration for using.

Chia-Anime provides full freedom to the users as it does not even ask for any personal details of the users. The users only need to visit the site, search for the show and enjoy watching easily. Also, the website has a special feature of “advance search” to search for the interesting shows very easily.

Best points

  1. The user does not need to register.
  2. Provides easy navigation.
  3. Offers downloading of shows for later watching.

3. Anime Take

Anime Take is a famous website in the market. The interface of this website is a little dull but it offers a number of good titles and shows to enjoy. Anime Take does not display several advertisements that can bother the users.

Anime Take is one of the best alternatives to Anilinkz. The website uploads the latest episodes of all the shows in less time after the broadcasting of the shows.

Best points

  1. Not displaying any ads.
  2. Offers several contents.
  3. Uploads latest episodes after broadcasts.

4. GoGoAnime

Another popular website for anime shows is GoGo Anime.  Users can watch the latest anime shows without paying a single penny. The shows are available on smartphones as well as computers. It offers a lot of shows in different genres and categories like a thriller, magical, action, comedy, supernatural, and Ecchi.

We can call it as the best alternative for Anilinkz. Also, it supports the extensive database for anime content. This website always offers interesting and entertaining shows to watch. Moreover, the website gives suggestions to the users similar to the shows they are watching. This helps them to decide which show they can watch next.

Best points

  1. Easy video player with the auto-play facility.
  2. Arrangement of movies in alphabetical order.
  3. Offers automatic suggestions to its users.

5. Anime Lab

Until 2019 this website was only available for New Zealanders and Australians. It offers high-quality videos to its users. The servers of this website are super-fast and it offers rich contents.  Also, it offers different resolutions for users. This resolution factor is missing from the majority of websites.

If someone apart from New Zealand and Australia want to use this website, they can use different VPNs. VPNs enable users to get access to this website easily.

Best points

  1. Enables native resolutions for watching the shows.
  2. Superfast service on the site.

6. 9Anime

This is one of the favorite sites for those who love watching anime shows. The 9Anime website has a very neat and striking interface. Also, it offers a dark theme that attracts most of the users. This website displays some ads but the users can skip them easily with an ad blocker.

9Anime is one of the best alternatives for Anilinkz. The best feature that 9Anime avails is a video player. The other interesting features are lights-off, autoplay and bookmarks.

Best points

  1. Huge varieties of shows and series.
  2. Video player with advanced features.
  3. Consists of a number of alternative servers.

7. Anime Planet

The name of the website Anime-Planet itself depicts that it is a place for anime lovers. This website is very popular and one of the best websites for watching anime shows. People from all over the world can easily access this website. Anime-Planet offers all the latest and popular Japanese anime shows free of cost.

The website offers all information regarding the shows which are enlisted on the website. For example source material of the show, Manga reviews, and other necessary details.

Best points

  1. Display fewer advertisements.
  2. Offers show free of cost.
  3. Provides more than 45,000 videos.

8. GoGo Anime TV

From the name GoGo Anime TV, you may misunderstand this website with GoGo Anime. It is not a replica or clone of GoGo Anime. However, both the websites are somehow very close and similar. GoGo Anime TV is an attractive and interesting website with a neat and clean interface.

You can watch a variety of ongoing shows once you visit the homepage of this website. You just need to click on the title you need to watch and enjoy. A lot of the latest and famous anime movies are available on this website.

Best points

  1. Offers both anime movies and anime TV shows.
  2. Easy access and clean interface.
  3. Display fewer ads.

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9. KissAnime

Kiss Anime is a famous website and best alternative for Anilinkz offering all the latest Japanese anime shows. The website enables the users to download the content and shows at an ultimate high speed without any disruptions. Also, Kiss Anime records about all the movies and shows watched by the users so that the user does not have the feeling of “déjà vu”.

Moreover, this platform offers a large community so that users can communicate with each other. Also, you can share and find out new shows for watching. If you want to experience high-quality anime shows watching you can choose Kiss Anime.

Best points

  1. It offers more than 900 series and anime shows.
  2. Offers shows and movies in English dubbed and subbed.
  3. Uploads latest shows as it is regularly updated.

10. Anime Simple

The name Anime simple describes the real meaning of the website. The website makes anime show watching as simple as it can be. Users are not required to go through any surveys neither they need to register for watching the shows. The website is easily accessible without registration.

Users only have to open the website and choose their favorite shows in which they are interested and select the best resolution suitable for their devices. They can enjoy watching the shows easily as simple as it is described here. Moreover, the website records the behavior of the users’ watching and display relevant shows for further watching.

Best points

  1. No need for registration.
  2. Simple to use.
  3. Recommends show similar to the users watch list.

Will You Need a VPN to Watch Anime?

The answer to this question depends upon the location and interest of the users. There are several websites that offer anime shows and movies all over the world. The best example can be Anime-Planet. However, some websites are accessible in some particular locations only. For example, Anime Lab, as it is only accessible in Australia and New Zealand.

The users will not be able to access this kind of website for watching shows and movies unless they are part of that particular location. The only way to visit this website is by using VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). VPNs can be used for accessing any websites irrespective of their locations.

Users can easily watch and enjoy their favorite anime movies and anime shows through VPNs without any limitations. Whereas, other websites that are available in your country do not show any restrictions hence users will not need any VPN to access them. However, for watching some shows you need to use the VPN.

The VPN service actually works by covering the real IP address with the IP address of another location. This trick will hide your original IP address while you are using VPN. The websites will not be able to track your original IP address. This provides utmost security for the users.

A VPN Can Do More

Above, we have discussed that VPN hides the actual IP address and unlocks the contents that are bound with geographical locations. However, there are other advantages of a VPN as well. The most important benefit is safety, privacy, and security. If you use a VPN it will encrypt your data completely. Simply, your data will be displayed in an unreadable format.

Encryption protects the user’s privacy and does not lead to any hacking and monitoring of the users’ online tracking. When you are streaming for the contents which are not available in your region, it will be illegal. Hence, using a VPN you can hide your actual IP address and location.

Using a VPN will reduce the chances of being caught as your streaming behavior will be hidden. Apart from safety and privacy, users can be free from integrated adware and malware blockers if they are opting for the best VPNs. The users display ads to earn and pay for anime streaming sites.

Every ad is not bad but some contain malware which can be very harmful for your devices.  Also, watching several ads can frustrate you. So using a nice VPN can protect you from mistrustful ads and restricts you from downloading threat contents. We have provided a small list of best VPNs below:

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • PureVPN
  • FastestVPN


In this article, we have provided you with information regarding the best alternatives for Anilinkz. If you are still using Anilinkz and facing any issues, you can go for the alternatives mentioned above.  Look for the best one which offers fewer ads and the latest content.

If you are not able to use any of them, you can try using the listed VPNs in this article. Apart from the VPNs mentioned here, there are several others that can be tried. But before going for them to ensure that they are safe and effective.