9 Best Android Data Recovery Software

Best Android Data Recovery Software

Nowadays it is very common for people to lose important files. They may also accidentally end up losing data. Likely, accidental deletion of files, malfunctioning of the memory card, root errors, and lack of backup may lead to such cases. Sometimes the loosing of a particular file may also cause emotional trauma as some files and memories are near and dear to us. But you need not worry now as the technological advancements have led us to discover new things and explore a plethora of science and technovation. There is an android data recovery software that has been introduced to tackle such problems

How does it work:

When you find a file missing or accidentally delete it, it is not completely gone from your device. Your device just shows the space empty where you missing file was formerly placed. Since the space is empty a new file can be located there. But as many devices do not have the recycle bin, the file seems completely lost and you loose on it.

Anyways 3 steps involve working of this software

Step 1: you are required to connect the device with a PC where the data recovery software has been installed.

Step 2: Then you are required to choose the type of file that has been lost which is followed by scanning

Step 3: you may lastly choose the desired files and then recover the data.

Best Android Data Recovery Software

Here is a detailed explanation of the android data recovery software tool (all 9) that would help you to know more about every software mentioned above. So do not hesitate to know more about it and kindly follow the brief introduction to each one of them below

  • EaseUS:

It is one of the best software used for data recovery. It has helped over 6000 devices and works best for Samsung, HTC, OnePlus, Asus, Sony LG, and so forth. It is highly helpful to relocate your files that comprise photos, videos, contacts, text messages, and so on.

If and whenever your phone is attacked by a virus or you accidentally run out of your favorite file just know that it is going to work the best for you. It thoroughly recovers the data from your internal memory or SD card and helps you get back your file within no time. Even if you are suffering from the problem of rooting, SD card or device failure, it will ensure you that you would soon receive the missing files

  • Disk Drill:

It is best known to recover data fro your android device. It is very simple and easily retrieves your information or the files as to say it from your device and places it back when your phone undergoes corruption or mishandling or probably falls victim to ignorance.

It was formerly known with the name of 7-Data Recovery. You can easily recover your files such as videos, photos, emails, music albums, databases, important documents, and whatnot. It is best known for also retrieving information or data from Android tablets and TV boxes.

To recover the data, all you need to do is to connect your android decode to your OC after yo have enables “Mass Storage”. Lastly, you may go on to scan for the lost file after opening the software and look for it. You may get your lost data back soon enough.

  • Tenorshare UltData

It is considered to be the most appreciative data recovery software. In no time, you can get your WhatsApp messages, stickers, files, videos, photos, important documents, and whatnot. And the best part about it is that it does not even require any data recovery or retrieving, such as the compatibility of this data recovery software.

It has also been found compatible with more than 6000 devices, which prominently include, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, and m, any more. Other files such as call recordings, the privately kept photos could also be brought in by the software from your internal memory. Furthermore, you need not worry about the risk of information leakages.

It is completely sage and involved no risk in such kind. It can recover data both from Internal storage and memory card. If you accidentally delete a file, or your phone is gone from water damage then also it recovers the information. Other damages include an OS crash, broken screen, and system root.

  • Dr.Fone

It is considered to be one of the oldest software for data recovery in the industry and it has been 8 years since this has been brought into existence. It is active in more than 6000 devices and is considered to be the best for data recovery in terms of personal usage.

It has helped users to recover various files such as music, videos, WhatsApp messages, rooted files, contacts, and whatnot. It is compatible as it can help retrieve data ven from broken phones. No matter what the scenarios are, you are just free to have access to all the lost data of yours.

The damages include water damage, broken phone, SD card problem, Rooting errors, Black screen, factory reset, and many more. There are 3recovery modes offered by it. They are Internal storage, Broken devices. And SD cards.

  • iMyFone

This is a data recovery software that offers a highly speedy recovery of data without leaking your information. You can recover, audios, video, documents, photos from it.

It also takes into account several damaging ways like virus attack, water damage, broken phone, failed password trials, or forget password problems, system root, and device not responding due to some error.

One of the best things about it is that it supports multiple Android smartphones and file types. You may go onto recover your data from your android phones, tablets, and many other devices.

  • PhoneRescue

To highlight its most thriving advantage, It can easily relocate your file or bring back in the lost data easily even if you have no root connection to your device. It looks for the lost data and automatically restores it into your device or smartphone as to say it. Probably it is the only recovery software that does this.

Moreover, it can be used to recover WhatsApp information, photos, documents, videos, audios, and other sorts of devices. It is also known for recovering the files at a high speed. It is capable of retrieving information even if your phone is locked through, fingerprints, face prints passwords, and other locking modes. So do not worry its compatibility would never let you lose hope. Just have faith in the recovery software and you see in no time you will have your information back.

It is mostly used for Windows PC and Android phones. Moreover, there is a step by step recovery process if you are using this software for recovery purpose. So you got to be patient with it no matter what. It is somewhat slow at its job.

It can retrieve your, documents, photos, videos but one thing that is to be prominently kept in mind is, it is only capable of receiving the information from your memory card o SD card for that matter. It can do nothing with the internal memory of your device. So do keep in mind that if you do have an SD card it is scrupulously useless.

  • MiniTool Mobile Recover for Android

It is generally perceived as the one which is user friendly. It is compatible with the number of devices and versions such as Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, and XP. It is also known for recovering different types of files such as photos, videos, music, and documents.

It allows two types of recovery, one is from the internal memory of your device and the second is from the SD card. It provides both free and paid services. The free one only recovers up to 1 GB of lost data whereas the paid version can do many wonders.

  • Gihosoft Free Android Data Recovery

It is best used with android phones and tablets. You can retrieve all your data both from the internal storage of your phone and the SD card. It also allows you to preview your data before you allow it to recover.

So the files you do not want can easily be shifted or left out. Thus it enables a secure and selective recovery process. But one thing that is to be kept in mind that it would only recover your missing photos, videos, files, text messages if you have a root connection. Without it, it would not be possible for the software to retrieve your information.


So these were some of the best android data recovery software that could generally be used by you. It has been mentioned in the article that all devices are the most compatible with every software mentioned above and vice versa. It has also to be kept in mind while all top 6 ones are free the last their ones have some paid functions. It is not that their services are not available for free but some of its features require payment. You may choose the best one according to your compatibility and device. Hope this article helps.

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