12 Best Sites to Download Nintendo 3DS ROMs in 2020

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Download Nintendo 3DS ROMs: With the advancement of technology and the growth of internet users these days, usage of brick games and scratched CD/DVD ROMS loaded with games has successively decreased. Gaming has advanced to a whole new level in the last few years. The CDs and Nintendo GameCubes which were frustrating at times due to their system hang up and poor quality of games is now being replaced by newer games.

Our generation has completely changed our vision and how we play games, shaking us to the core and altering our gaming experience. The gaming level these days has risen to an unprecedented level. But during this retro period, there was a name which was on every kid’s lips and wasn’t unheard by anyone, which was Nintendo.

It is one of the most iconic retro gaming media. Its console was one of a kind, and the gaming experience was what every kid desired to have. It had a massive fan following, and people were enthused to play their games. To relive this experience and play those games, gaming resources are a huge help. They are in the form of ROMs, and we provide the best 12 sites to find these ROMs.

12 Sites to Download Nintendo 3DS ROMs in 2020

1. Rom Hustler

Rom Hustler Site to Download Nintendo 3DS ROMs

The website has one of the best ROMs and emulators on the net. The website has a large number of ROMs and emulators, each with stars and customer votes. This helps it understand the needs of the viewer. It is also one of the very few websites which have a mobile website.

The Wii ISO is listed in alphabetical order in the website. You have to select the platform and the console type for which you are looking to download the game ROMs and simply click on it. The website also gives you the list of game names and will display the number of downloads as well as the rating for it, to help you better decide which ISO you want, according to your choices and needs.

2. Cool Rom

CoolRom - Best Sites to Download Nintendo 3DS ROMs

CoolRom is one of the largest retro gaming resources on the internet with thousands of games (ROMs) available for download and the latest emulators to run them. The website has reliable links to download the N64 ROMs and 3DS ROMs.

It also has game screenshots which help you look at the game before download, ratings of the game and gameplay preview videos. The website has a variety of options to choose from.

3. Romnation

Romnation - Sites to Download Nintendo 3DS ROMs

It is an extremely useful website which has a large section of games to choose from with Nintendo 3DS ROMs. A lot of games can be found under MAME ROMs meant for Arcades to N64 ROMs as well.

One downside of the website is the pop-up advertisements that keep appearing, other than that, and it is a great website for downloads.

4. Emulator Zone

The Emulator Zone is one of the most popular websites for emulators downloading. It provides detailed information about emulators, ROMs, updates, emulator scams and download links with ratings of the emulators. The website is straightforward and has a huge selection to select from for the user. It has a collection of ROMs compatible with Nintendo.

5. Gamulator


Gamulator is a safe website that can be used to download ROM and emulators for your Nintendo. Retro lovers can download the best N65, NDS, GBA, SNES, and other retro console games on this website.

The website is free of cost, hassle-free, easy to use and is very fast. It guarantees you a download of your favourite games timely. The website is expanding its database every single day to satisfy its users to the fullest and help them download their favourite games.

6. Portal ROMs

Portal ROMs is one of the most popular websites out there for downloading game ROMs for your Nintendo console. Portal ROMs have a wide variety of ROMs and support a bunch of different devices such as the PSP ROMs, GBA ROMs, SNES ROMs, GameCube ROMs, Wii ROMs, Wii U ROMs, and 3DS ROMs. The website is easy to operate as you just have to search for your requirements.

They have a wide variety of games, such as Pokémon X, Super Mario 3D Land, etc. The website gives numerous download links to that ROM from different servers, the most prominent ones being from the USA and Europe.

7. Dope ROMs

Dope ROMs

Dope ROMs is a website which archives the retro video games. The website is easy to use and free of cost. It also lets you download your favourite games without any hassle. This website allows you to play backups of your old video games on your computer or mobile device, both android as well as iOS. The website also provides a good resource for studying the dynamics of emulation for the beginner level.

8. RomtoHome

Romtohome is a site providing Nintendo 3DS ROMs downloads and a bunch of ROMs of different platforms for free. They regularly update their collection, and you have a menu showing all the archived files available for download.

Other than the download links, this website is quite well designed. Downloading is very easy on the website but asks for a captcha code for human verification due to security reasons.

9. Nintendo

As the name suggests, the website provides information on things such as copyrights, use of game emulators and counterfeit products. The website also provides questions and answers about the Nintendo video game emulator and Nintendo video ROMs. It is free of cost and easy to operate.

10. Retrostatic

The website tries to cover the maximum number of games in the class of Nintendo 3DS ROMs or ISO. The website has a collection of emulators that you can use to utilize to drive these ROM and ISO repositories and enhance your gaming adventure. Their goal is to provide direct download links with no executable data, viruses, or irritating advertisements.

They claim to have over 70,000 games and regularly update for new games. Retrostatic lets you play your favourite retro games for free.

11. Love ROMs

Love ROMs provides a large archive with thousands of options to choose from and helps you download with ease. It has emulators and vintage games which give you retro vibes. The games are free of cost and are extremely easy. It also has casino games if any of you feel extremely lucky. Emulators are also available on the website for download.

12. Romsmania.cc

Romsmania.cc Best Sites to Download Nintendo 3DS ROMs

Romsmania.cc has a vast number of games and emulators accessible to download. A search engine is also developed which is available on this site by which you can seek for your desired ROM which you need to download. This website is one of the best and safest place to download ROMs and emulators.

TechVeco’s Conclusion

Above was the list of safest Nintendo 3DS ROMs browsing websites, which you can use for following and downloading the best games out there without any worries of getting Viruses or malware.